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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Identification and resolution of Chinese zero pronouns: A machine learning approachZhao, S.; Ng, H.T. 
2009Improved statistical machine translation for resource-poor languages using related resource-rich languagesNakov, P. ; Ng, H.T. 
2012Improving statistical machine translation for a resource-poor language using related resource-rich languagesNakov, P.; Tou Ng, H. 
2010It makes sense: A wide-coverage word sense disambiguation system for free textZhong, Z.; Ng, H.T. 
2009Joint learning of preposition senses and semantic roles of prepositional phrasesDahlmeier, D.; Tou Ng, H. ; Schultz, T.
2010Joint syntactic and semantic parsing of ChineseLi, J.; Zhou, G.; Ng, H.T. 
2007Learning predictive structures for Semantic Role Labeling of NomBankLiu, C.; Ng, H.T. 
2010Maximum metric score training for co reference resolutionZhao, S.; Ng, H.T. 
2008MAXSIM: A maximum similarity metric for machine translation evaluationChan, Y.S. ; Ng, H.T. 
2009Maxsim: Performance and effects of translation fluencyChan, Y.S. ; Ng, H.T. 
2003Mining topic-specific concepts and definitions on the webLiu, B.; Chin, C.W.; Ng, H.T. 
2009Natural language generation with tree conditional random fieldsLu, W. ; Ng, H.T. ; Lee, W.S. 
2011NUS at the HOO 2011 Pilot shared taskDahlmeier, D.; Ng, H.T. ; Tran, T.P.
2007One class per named entity: Exploiting unlabeled text for named entity recognitionWong, Y.; Ng, H.T. 
2010PEM: A paraphrase evaluation metric exploiting parallel textsLiu, C.; Dahlmeier, D.; Ng, H.T. 
2009Recognizing implicit discourse relations in the Penn Discourse TreebankLin, Z.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Ng, H.T. 
2005Scaling up word sense disambiguation via parallel textsChan, Y.S. ; Ng, H.T. 
2005Semantic argument classification exploiting argument interdependenceJiang, Z.P.; Li, J.; Ng, H.T. 
2012Source language adaptation for resource-poor machine translationWang, P.; Nakov, P.; Ng, H.T. 
2010Statistical lattice-based spoken document retrievalChia, T.K. ; Sim, K.C.; Li, H.; Ng, H.T.