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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A 2-poisson model for probabilistic coreference of named entities for improved text retrievalNa, S.-H. ; Ng, H.T. 
2012A beam-search decoder for grammatical error correctionDahlmeier, D.; Ng, H.T. 
2008A generative model for parsing natural language to meaning representationsLu, W. ; Ng, H.T. ; Lee, W.S. ; Zettlemoyer, L.S.
2008A lattice-based approach to query-by-example spoken document retrievalChia, T.K. ; Sim, K.C.; Li, H.; Ng, H.T. 
2005A machine learning approach to identification and resolution of one-anaphoraNg, H.T. ; Zhou, Y.; Dale, R.; Gardiner, M.
2002A maximum entropy approach to information extraction from semi-structured and free textChieu, H.L.; Ng, H.T. 
2011A probabilistic forest-to-string model for language generation from typed lambda calculus expressionsLu, W. ; Ng, H.T. 
2007A statistical language modeling approach to lattice-based spoken document retrievalChia, T.K. ; Li, H.; Ng, H.T. 
2007A unified tagging approach to text normalizationZhu, C.; Tang, J.; Li, H.; Ng, H.T. ; Zhao, T.
2011Automatic evaluation of Chinese translation output: Word-level or character-level?Li, M.; Zong, C.; Ng, H.T. 
2011Automatically evaluating text coherence using discourse relationsLin, Z.; Ng, H.T. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
2002Bayesian online classifiers for text classification and filteringChai, K.M.A.; Ng, H.T. ; Chieu, H.L.
2011Better evaluation metrics lead to better machine translationLiu, C.; Dahlmeier, D.; Ng, H.T. 
2010Better punctuation prediction with dynamic conditional random fieldsLu, W. ; Ng, H.T. 
2012Character-level machine translation evaluation for languages with ambiguousword boundariesLiu, C. ; Ng, H.T. 
2012Combining coherence models and machine translation evaluation metrics for summarization evaluationLin, Z.; Liu, C. ; Ng, H.T. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
6-Nov-2017CoNLL-2013 Shared Task: Grammatical Error CorrectionNg Hwee Tou ; Joel Tetreault; Wu Siew Mei ; Wu Yuanbin; Christian Hadiwinoto
6-Nov-2017CoNLL-2014 Shared Task: Grammatical Error CorrectionNg Hwee Tou ; Wu Siew Mei ; Ted Briscoe; Christian Hadiwinoto; Raymond Hendy Susanto; Christopher Bryant
2011Correcting semantic collocation errors with L1-induced paraphrasesDahlmeier, D.; Ng, H.T. 
2008Decomposability of translation metrics for improved evaluation and efficient algorithmsChiang, D.; DeNeefe, S.; Chan, Y.S. ; Ng, H.T.