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2010Cinnamon extract induces tumor cell death through inhibition of NF?B and AP1Kwon H.-K.; Hwang J.-S.; So J.-S.; Lee C.-G.; Sahoo A.; Ryu J.-H.; Jeon W.K.; Ko B.S.; Im C.-R.; Lee S.H. ; Park Z.Y.; Im S.-H.
2018CoA synthase regulates mitotic fidelity via CBP-mediated acetylationLin, C.-C; Kitagawa, M ; Tang, X; Hou, M.-H; Wu, J; Qu, D.C; Srinivas, V ; Liu, X; Thompson, J.W; Mathey-Prevot, B; Yao, T.-P; Lee, S.H ; Chi, J.-T
2010Drosophila porin/VDAC affects mitochondrial morphologyPark J.; Kim Y.; Choi S.; Koh H.; Lee S.-H. ; Kim J.-M.; Chung J.
2017Dual blockade of the lipid kinase PIP4Ks and mitotic pathways leads to cancer-selective lethalityKitagawa M. ; Liao P.-J. ; Lee K.H. ; Wong J. ; Shang S.C. ; Minami N.; Sampetrean O.; Saya H.; Lingyun D.; Prabhu N.; Diam G.K.; Sobota R.; Larsson A.; Nordlund P.; McCormick F.; Ghosh S. ; Epstein D.M. ; Dymock B.W. ; Lee S.H. 
2012Human cytomegalovirus clinical strain-specific microRNA miR-UL148D targets the human chemokine RANTES during infectionKim Y.; Lee S. ; Kim S.; Kim D.; Ahn J.-H.; Ahn K.
2016Loss of the Greatwall Kinase Weakens the Spindle Assembly CheckpointDiril M.K.; Bisteau X.; Kitagawa M. ; Caldez M.J.; Wee S.; Gunaratne J. ; Lee S.H. ; Kaldis P. 
13-Dec-2010Mad2 inhibits the mitotic kinesin MKlp2Lee, S.H. ; McCormick, F.; Saya, H.
2003Predominance of herpes simplex virus type 1 from patients with genital herpes in Nova ScotiaForward K.R.; Lee S.H.S. 
2012SpiroESTdb: A transcriptome database and online tool for sparganum expressed sequences tagsKim D.-W.; Kim D.-W.; Yoo W.G.; Nam S.-H.; Lee M.-R.; Yang H.-W.; Park J.; Lee K.; Lee S. ; Cho S.-H.; Lee W.-J.; Park H.-S.; Ju J.-W.
4-Jun-2013Targeting Aurora B to the Equatorial Cortex by MKlp2 Is Required for CytokinesisKitagawa, M. ; Fung, S.Y.S. ; Onishi, N.; Saya, H.; Lee, S.H.