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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2002A novel tri-state boost converter with fast dynamicsViswanathan, K. ; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
Feb-2008A simple control method for high-performance UPS inverters through output-impedance reductionDeng, H.; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2009A simple single-input-single-output (SISO) model for a three-phase PWM rectifierYin, B.; Oruganti, R. ; Panda, S.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.
2007A soft-switched back-to-back bi-directional DC/DC converter with a FPGA based digital control for automotive applicationsXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Oruganti, R. 
1998A unity power factor converter using half-bridge boost topologySrinivasan, R.; Oruganti, R. 
2002A universal fuzzy controller for a non-linear power electronic converterViswanathan, K. ; Srinivasan, D. ; Oruganti, R. 
2004Adaptive digital control for UPS inverter applications with compensation of time delayDeng, H.; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2004An asymmetrical half bridge DC-DC converter : Close loop design in frequency domainXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Oruganti, R. 
2004An asymmetrical half bridge flyback converter with Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current SwitchingXu, X.; Khambadkone, A.M. ; Oruganti, R. 
1996An automated algorithm for small signal analysis of DC-DC power convertersEng, S.C.; Oruganti, R. ; Liang, Y.C. 
May-2008An output-power-control strategy for a three-phase PWM rectifier under unbalanced supply conditionsYin, B.; Oruganti, R. ; Panda, S.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.
2007Analysis and design of active clamped ZVS current-fed DC-DC converter for fuel-cell to utility-interface applicationRathore, A.; Bhat, A.K.S.; Oruganti, R. 
Jun-2007Analysis and design of Iterative learning Control strategies for UPS InvertersDeng, H.; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasans, D. 
1997Analysis and design of power factor correction using half bridge boost topologySrinivasan, Ramesh; Oruganti, Ramesh 
Jan-2012Analysis, design and experimental results of wide range ZVS active-clamped L-L type current-fed DC/DC converter for fuel cells to utility interfaceRathore, A.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.; Oruganti, R. 
Sep-2011Classification and comparison of interfacing schemes for connecting fuel cells to a single-phase utility lineRathore, A.K.; Bhat, A.K.S.; Oruganti, R. 
2008Closed loop control design of two inductor current-fed isolated DC-DC converter for fuel cells to utility interface applicationRathore, A.K.; Bhat, A.K.S.; Nandi, S.; Oruganti, R. 
2010Conducted EMI mitigation techniques for switch-mode power converters: A surveyMainali, K.; Oruganti, R. 
1995Constant frequency variable power factor PWM scheme for single phase boost type AC-DC converterOruganti, Ramesh ; Nagaswamy, Kannan; Sang, Lock Kai 
2005Control of a three-phase PWM rectifier based on a dual single-input single-output linear modelYin, B.; Oruganti, R. ; Panda, S.K. ; Bhat, A.K.S.