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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2009180° and 90° phase shifting networks with an octave bandwidth and small phase errorsTang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2012180° and 90° Reflection-type phase shifters using over-coupled lange couplersFang, H.R.; Tang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. ; Guinvarc'H, R.
200740 GHz compact TFMS meander-line bandpass filter on silicon substrateSun, S.; Shi, J.; Zhu, L.; Rustagi, S.C.; Kang, K.; Mouthaan, K. 
200860 GHz bandpass filters with small and large bandwidths using thin film coupled microstrip in 0.18-μm CMOSNan, L.; Mouthaan, K. ; Ooi, B.-L. ; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Jinglin, S.; Rustagi, S.C.; Brinkhoff, J.
201060 GHz short range planar RSS localizationFang, H.R.; Cao, G.P.; Gharavol, E.A.; Tom, K. ; Mouthaan, K. 
May-2009A "thru-short" method for noise de-embedding of mosfetsNan, L.; Xiong, Y.-Z.; Mouthaan, K. ; Issaoun, A.; Shi, J.; Ooi, B.-L. 
2013A 1- to 10-GHz RF and wideband IF cross-coupled gilbert mixer in 0.13-μm CMOSZijie, H.; Mouthaan, K. 
2013A 10-200 MHz 360° vector-sum phase shifter using COTS components for wideband phased array systemsLim, W.; Tang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2007A 180° phase shifter with small phase error for broadband applicationsTang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2012A 2-6.5 GHz CMOS variable gain amplifier for vector-sum phase shiftersZijie, H.; Mouthaan, K. 
2009A broadband 180° phase shifter with a small phase error using lumped elementsTang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2011A broadband quarter-wavelength impedance transformer using vertically installed planar couplerLu, W.J.; Ang, K.S.; Mouthaan, K. 
2010A concurrent dual-band doherty power amplifierLi, X.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Z.; Feng, Z.; Tang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2013A Ka-band lumped element dual-behavior resonator (DBR) filter in standard 0.13-μm CMOS technologyLu, X.; Mouthaan, K. ; Soon, Y.T. 
2010A loop resonator tunable filter using phase shiftersTaslimi, A.; Mouthaan, K. 
2008A miniaturized wideband Wilkinson power dividerYaqiong, Z.; Xinyi, T. ; Yijing, F.; Leong, O.B. ; Seng, L.M. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2011A modular SAW filter design approach for multiband filteringLu, X.; Galipeau, J.; Mouthaan, K. ; Briot, E.H.; Abbott, B.
2008A novel broadband 90°Phase shifterTang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
2007A novel technique to enhance the negative resistance for colpitts oscillators by parasitic cancellationChen, Y.; Mouthaan, K. ; Ooi, B.-L. 
2010A varactorless VCO with 15% continuous frequency tuning range and 0.2 dB output power variationChen, Y.; Mouthaan, K. ; Geurts, M.