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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Enhancing Semantic Web Services with inheritanceFerndriger, S.; Bernstein, A.; Dong, J.S. ; Feng, Y.; Li, Y.-F.; Hunter, J.
2007Evolution and runtime monitoring of software systemsLiang, H.; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J.
2002Extending SOFL to support both top-down and bottom-up approachesLiu, S.; Song Dong, J. 
2005Extracting FSMs from object-Z specifications with history invariantsSun, J. ; Dong, J.S. 
2009Fair model checking with process counter abstractionSun, J. ; Liu, Y. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liu, S. ; Dong, J.S. 
2012Formal analysis of pervasive computing systemsLiu, Y.; Zhang, X.; Dong, J.S. ; Liu, Y. ; Sun, J.; Biswas, J.; Mokhtari, M.
2005Formal designs for embedded and hybrid systemsDong, J.S. ; Hao, P.; Mahony, B.
2012Formal modeling and validation of Stateflow diagramsChen, C.; Sun, J.; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. ; Zheng, M.
2006Formal specification-based online monitoringLiang, H.; Sun, J.; Dong, J.S. ; Duke, R.; Seviora, R.E.
2009Formal verification of scalable nonzero indicatorsZhang, S.J.; Liu, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Dong, J.S. ; Chen, W.; Liu, Y.A.
2003Formalizing semantics of XSLT using object-ZYang, H.L.; Dong, J.S. ; Hao, K.G.; Han, J.G.
2006From semantic Web to expressive specifications: A modeling languages spectrumDong, J.S. 
2013Generating C# programs from CSP# modelsZhu, H.; Dong, J.S. ; Wadhwa, B. ; Lin, S.-W. 
2004Generating MSCs from an integrated formal specification languageDong, J.S. ; Qin, S. ; Sun, J. 
2006Generic fault tolerant software architecture reasoning and customizationYuan, L.; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J.; Basit, H.A.
2006HighSpec: A tool for building and checking OZTA modelsDong, J.S. ; Hao, P. ; Zhang, X.; Qin, S.C.
2012Improved BDD-based discrete analysis of timed systemsNguyen, T.K.; Sun, J.; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. ; Liu, Y.
2013Improved reachability analysis in DTMC via divide and conquerSong, S.; Gui, L.; Sun, J.; Liu, Y.; Dong, J.S. 
2005Institution morphisms for relating OWL and ZLucanu, D.; Li, Y.F. ; Dong, J.S. 
2005Integrating Object-Z with Timed AutomataDong, J.S. ; Duke, R.; Hao, P.