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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Influence of gender on internet commerce: An explorative study in SingaporeCho, H. ; Jialin, S.K.
2009Online privacy, government surveillance and national ID cardsLim, S.S. ; Cho, H. ; Sanchez, M.R. 
2004Online Privacy: Consumers’ Concerns and Policy Implications for E-commerceRivera, Milagros ; Cho, Hichang ; Lim, Sun Sun 
Feb-2013Optimistic Bias About H1N1 Flu: Testing the Links Between Risk Communication, Optimistic Bias, and Self-Protection BehaviorCho, H. ; Lee, J.-S.; Lee, S.
2010Optimistic bias about online privacy risks: Testing the moderating effects of perceived controllability and prior experienceCho, H. ; Chung, S. ; Lee, J.-S.
2012Responses to online privacy risksCho, H. 
2007Social networks, communication styles, and learning performance in a CSCL communityCho, H. ; Gay, G.; Davidson, B.; Ingraffea, A.
2003Technology acceptance and social networking in distance learningLee, J.-S.; Cho, H. ; Gay, G.; Davidson, B.; Ingraffea, A.
2010Testing an Integrative Theoretical Model of Knowledge-Sharing Behavior in the Context of WikipediaCho, H. ; Chen, M.; Chung, S. 
2009The effect of communication styles on computer-supported collaborative learningCho, H. ; Gay, G.
Apr-2011Theoretical Intersections Among Social Influences, Beliefs, and Intentions in the Context of 3G Mobile Services in Singapore: Decomposing Perceived Critical Mass and Subjective NormsCho, H.