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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Constructing the source: Metaphor as a discourse strategyWee, L. 
Jun-2007Consuming identities: Language planning and policy in Singaporean late modernityStroud, C.; Wee, L. 
15-Aug-2018Diversity management and the presumptive universality of categories: the case of the Indians in SingaporeRitu jain; Lionel Wee 
2001Divorce before marriage in the Singapore-Malaysia relationship: The invariance principle at workWee, L. 
2010English in Singapore: Modernity and managementLim, L.; Pakir, A. ; Wee, L. 
2010English in Singapore: Modernity and ManagementLionel Wee ; Anne Pakir ; Lisa Lim
2010English in Singapore: Policies and prospectsLim, L.; Pakir, A. ; Wee, L. 
1998English Structure and MeaningTalib, Ismail Bin Said ; Wee, Hock Ann Lionel 
Dec-2004'Extreme communicative acts' and the boosting of illocutionary forceWee, L. 
2004Extreme communicative acts' and the boosting of illocutionary forceWee, L. 
2005Intra-language discrimination and linguistic human rights: The case of singlishWee, L. 
2008Introduction: Political economies of literacy in multilingual South-east AsiaStroud, C. ; Wee, L. 
2005Language policy and nationalist ideology: Statal narratives in SingaporeWee, L. ; Bokhorst-Heng, W.D.
Jul-2011Language policy mistakes in Singapore: Governance, expertise and the deliberation of language ideologiesWee, L. 
2007Linguistic human rights and mobilityWee, L. 
2003Linguistic instrumentalism in SingaporeWee, L. 
2002Lor in colloquial Singapore EnglishWee, L. 
2011Metadiscursive convergence in the Singlish debateWee, L. 
Feb-2012Neoliberalism and the regulation of consumers: Legalizing casinos in SingaporeWee, L. 
2010Neutrality in language policyWee, L.