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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Metadiscursive convergence in the Singlish debateWee, L. 
Feb-2012Neoliberalism and the regulation of consumers: Legalizing casinos in SingaporeWee, L. 
2010Neutrality in language policyWee, L. 
2010Personal branding and the commodification of reflexivityWee, L. ; Brooks, A.
2006Proper names and the theory of metaphorWee, L. 
2004Reduplication and Discourse ParticlesWee, L. 
2008Reflexivity and the transformation of gender identity: Reviewing the potential for change in a cosmopolitan cityBrooks, A.; Wee, L. 
2009Resolving the paradox of Singapore English horKim, C. ; Wee, L. 
Dec-2006Responding responsibly: Some remarks on Skutnabb-Kangas, Kontra, and Phillipson (2006)Wee, L. 
May-2011Sharing as an activity typeWee, L. 
2007Singapore English X-self and ownselfWee, L. 
1998Society, style and Structure in LanguageAlsagoff, Lubna ; Bao, Zhiming ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Pakir, Anne ; Wee, Hock Ann Lionel 
2005Style, identity and English language literacyStroud, C.; Wee, L. 
2008That's so last year! Constructions in a socio-cultural contextWee, L. ; Tan, Y.Y.
2006The cultural basis of metaphor revisitedWee, L. 
Jun-2007The hunger strike as a communicative act: Intention without responsibilityWee, L. 
2010The particle ya in Colloquial Singapore EnglishWee, L. 
2006The semiotics of language ideologies in SingaporeWee, L. 
2008The technologization of discourse and authenticity in English language teachingWee, L. 
Jan-2007Unraveling the relation between mandarin tones and musical melodyWee, L.H.