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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Structure of GrlR and the implication of its EDED motif in mediating the regulation of type III secretion system in EHECJobichen, C. ; Li, M. ; Yerushalmi, G.; Yih, W.T.; Mok, Y.-K. ; Rosenshine, I.; Ka, Y.L. ; Sivaraman, J. 
2013Structure of GrlR-GrlA complex that prevents GrlA activation of virulence genesPadavannil, A.; Jobichen, C. ; Mills, E.; Velazquez-Campoy, A.; Li, M. ; Leung, K.Y.; Mok, Y.K. ; Rosenshine, I.; Sivaraman, J. 
13-Nov-2008Structure-activity relationship studies of phenanthridine-based Bcl-X L inhibitorsBernardo, P.H.; Wan, K.-F.; Sivaraman, T. ; Xu, J.; Moore, F.K.; Hung, A.W.; Mok, H.Y.K. ; Yu, V.C.; Chai, C.L.L.
30-Jan-2009Structures of Two Major Allergens, Bla g 4 and Per a 4, from Cockroaches and Their IgE Binding EpitopesTan, Yih Wan; Chan, Siew Leong ; Ong, Tan Ching ; Yit, Le Yau; Tiong, Yuen Sung; Chew, Fook Tim ; Sivaraman, J ; Mok, Yu Keung 
2011Synthesis of a rhodanine-based compound library targeting Bcl-XL and Mcl-1Bernardo, P.H.; Sivaraman, T.; Wan, K.-F.; Xu, J.; Krishnamoorthy, J.; Song, C.M.; Tian, L.; Chin, J.S.F.; Lim, D.S.W.; Mok, H.Y.K. ; Yu, V.C. ; Tong, J.C.; Chai, C.L.L. 
1-Dec-2010Temperature and Mg2+ Sensing by a Novel PhoP-PhoQ Two-component System for Regulation of Virulence in Edwardsiella tardaChakraborty, Smarajit ; Li, Mo; Chatterjee, Chiradip ; Sivaraman, J ; Leung, Ka Yin; Mok, Yu-Keung 
19-Aug-2005The folding mechanism of a dimeric β-barrel domainDe Prat-Gay, G.; Nadra, A.D.; Corrales-Izquierdo, F.J.; Alonso, L.G.; Ferreiro, D.U.; Mok, Y.-K. 
1-Jul-2014The major cockroach allergen Bla g 4 binds tyramine and octopamineOffermann, Lesa R; Chan, Siew Leong ; Osinski, Tomasz; Tan, Yih Wan; Chew, Fook Tim ; Sivaraman, J ; Mok, Yu-Keung ; Minor, Wladek; Chruszcz, Maksymilian
1-Apr-2020Trxlp, a thioredoxin-like effector from Edwardsiella piscicida inhibits cellular redox signaling and nuclear translocation of NF-kappa BSayed, Ahmed; Chakraborty, Smarajit ; Leung, Ka Yin ; Sugii, Shigeki ; Mok, Yu Keung 
11-Nov-2011Two-component PhoB-PhoR Regulatory System and Ferric Uptake Regulator Sense Phosphate and Iron to Control Virulence Genes in Type III and VI Secretion Systems of Edwardsiella tardaChakraborty, Smarajit ; Sivaraman, J ; Leung, Ka Yin; Mok, Yu-Keung 
Feb-2011Type VI secretion regulation: Crosstalk and intracellular communicationLeung, K.Y.; Siame, B.A.; Snowball, H.; Mok, Y.-K.