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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2010Deforestation and avian extinction on tropical landbridge islandsSodhi, N.S. ; Wilcove, D.S.; Lee, T.M.; Sekercioglu, C.H.; Subaraj, R.; Bernard, H.; Yong, D.L.; Lim, S.L.H.; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Brook, B.W.
Jun-2009Determinants of local people's attitude toward conservation and the consequential effects on illegal resource harvesting in the protected areas of Sulawesi (Indonesia)Lee, T.M.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Prawiradilaga, D.M.
Jan-2011Do insectivorous bird communities decline on land-bridge forest islands in Peninsular Malaysia?Yong, D.L.; Qie, L.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Koh, L.P.; Peh, K.S.-H.; Lee, T.M.; Lim, H.C.; Lim, S.L.-H.
Apr-2011Dung beetle assemblages on tropical land-bridge islands: Small island effect and vulnerable speciesQie, L.; Lee, T.M.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Lim, S.L.-H.
Aug-2009Eating frogs to extinctionWarkentin, I.G.; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
Dec-2004Ecological correlates of extinction proneness in tropical butterfliesKoh, L.P. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Brook, B.W.
17-Jul-1997Ecology of a mangrove forest bird community in SingaporeSodhi, N.S. ; Choo, J.P.S.; Lee, B.P.Y.-H.; Quek, K.C.; Kara, A.U. 
Apr-2006Effects of anthropogenic land use on forest birds and butterflies in Subic Bay, PhilippinesPosa, M.R.C. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
2008Effects of disturbance or loss of tropical rainforest on birdsSodhi, N.S. ; Posa, M.R.C. ; Lee, T.M.; Warkentin, I.G.
Mar-2005Effects of habitat disturbance on mixed species bird flocks in a tropical sub-montane rainforestTien, M.L.; Soh, M.C.K. ; Sodhi, N. ; Lian, P.K.; Lim, S.L.-H.
Jun-2010Effects of land-use change on community composition of tropical amphibians and reptiles in Sulawesi, IndonesiaWanger, T.C.; Iskandar, D.T.; Motzke, I.; Brook, B.W.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Clough, Y.; Tscharntke, T.
May-2010Empowering women facilitates conservationSodhi, N.S. ; Davidar, P.; Rao, M.
7-Mar-2011Endemic predators, invasive prey and native diversityWanger, T.C.; Wielgoss, A.C.; Motzke, I.; Clough, Y.; Brook, B.W.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Tscharntke, T.
20-Apr-2007Environment. The burning issue.Lohman, D.J. ; Bickford, D. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
2010Evaluating the relative environmental impact of countriesBradshaw, C.J.A.; Giam, X.; Sodhi, N.S. 
Sep-2004Factors affecting Sarcocystis infection of rats on small tropical islandsPaperna, I.; Peh, K.S.-H. ; Martelli, P.; Koh, L.P. ; Sodhi, N.S. 
2002Factors affecting the distribution of vascular plants, springtails, butterflies and birds on small tropical islandsKoh, L.P. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Peh, K.S.-H. 
16-May-2008Financing tropical forest preservationWarkentin, I.G.; Sodhi, N.S. 
Mar-2009Flooding policy makers with evidence to save forestsBradshaw, C.J.A.; Brook, B.W.; Peh, K.S.-H.; Sodhi, N.S. 
Mar-2009Flooding policy makers with evidence to save forestsBradshaw, C.J.A.; Brook, B.W.; Peh, K.S.-H.; Sodhi, N.S.