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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Differential spleen remodeling associated with different levels of parasite virulence controls disease outcome in malaria parasite infectionsHuang X.; Huang S.; Ong L.C. ; Lim J.C.-S.; Hurst R.J.M.; Mushunje A.T.; Matsudaira P.T. ; Han J.; Preiser P.R.
8-May-2012Direct observation of stick-slip movements of water nanodroplets induced by an electron beamMirsaidov, U.M.; Zheng, H.; Bhattacharya, D.; Casana, Y.; Matsudaira, P. 
7-Oct-2013Dynamics of hydrogen nanobubbles in KLH protein solution studied with in situ wet-TEMHuang, T.-W.; Liu, S.-Y.; Chuang, Y.-J.; Hsieh, H.-Y.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Wu, W.-J.; Tsai, C.-T.; Mirsaidov, U.; Matsudaira, P. ; Chang, C.-S.; Tseng, F.-G.; Chen, F.-R.
14-Nov-2012Electron beam manipulation of nanoparticlesZheng, H.; Mirsaidov, U.M.; Wang, L.-W.; Matsudaira, P. 
2013HiLo-regularized digital light sheet microscopy for live 3D imaging of developing embryos and live animalsBarbastathis, G.; Bhattacharya, D.; Singh, V.R.; Zhi, C.; So, P.T.C.; Matsudaira, P. 
22-Feb-2012Imaging protein structure in water at 2.7 nm resolution by transmission electron microscopyMirsaidov, U.M.; Zheng, H.; Casana, Y.; Matsudaira, P. 
5-Sep-2012Maximal force characteristics of the Ca2+-powered actuator of vorticella convallariaRyu, S.; Lang, M.J.; Matsudaira, P. 
22-Jun-2010Morphological and molecular evidence for functional organization along the rostrocaudal axis of the adult zebrafish intestineWang, Z. ; Du, J.; Lam, S.H. ; Mathavan, S.; Matsudaira, P. ; Gong, Z. 
6-May-2010Nearby boundaries create eddies near microscopic filter feedersPepper, R.E.; Roper, M.; Ryu, S.; Matsudaira, P. ; Stone, H.A.
10-Oct-2012Protein Array Patterning by Diffusive Gel StampingAnwar, M.; Gupta, P.B.; Palaniapan, R.; Matsudaira, P. 
2010Quantification of cytoskeletal protein localization from high-content imagesZhu, S.; Matsudaira, P. ; Welsch, R.; Rajapakse, J.C.
2011Rapid microwell prototyping, generation of 3D multicellular cancer aggregates, and emt drug screeningTu, T.-Y.; Sun, W.; Peng, W.K.; Wang, Z.; Huang, R.Y.J.; Matsudaira, P.T. ; Thiery, J.-P.; Kamm, R.D.
3-Jul-2012Response to "electron microscopy of biological specimens in liquid water"Mirsaidov, U.M.; Zheng, H.; Casana, Y.; Matsudaira, P. 
7-Aug-2013Scrolling graphene into nanofluidic channelsMirsaidov, U.; Mokkapati, V.R.S.S.; Bhattacharya, D.; Andersen, H. ; Bosman, M.; Özyilmaz, B. ; Matsudaira, P. 
21-Jan-2012Self-aligned wet-cell for hydrated microbiology observation in TEMHuang, T.-W.; Liu, S.-Y.; Chuang, Y.-J.; Hsieh, H.-Y.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Huang, Y.-T.; Mirsaidov, U.; Matsudaira, P. ; Tseng, F.-G.; Chang, C.-S.; Chen, F.-R.
2010Storm: A general model to determine the number and adaptive changes of epithelial stem cells in teleost, murine and human intestinal tractsWang, Z. ; Matsudaira, P. ; Gong, Z. 
3-Dec-2009Sub-population analysis based on temporal features of high content imagesVeronika, M.; Evans, J.; Matsudaira, P. ; Welsch, R.; Rajapakse, J.
20-Jul-2011Substrate viscosity enhances correlation in epithelial sheet movementMurrell, M.; Kamm, R.; Matsudaira, P. 
2011Tension, free space, and cell damage in a microfluidic wound healing assayMurrell, M.; Kamm, R.; Matsudaira, P. 
2013Three dimensional HiLo-based structured illumination for a digital scanned laser sheet microscopy (DSLM) in thick tissue imagingBhattacharya, D.; Singh, V.R.; Zhi, C.; So, P.T.C.; Matsudaira, P. ; Barbastathis, G.