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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Synthesis and the biological evaluation of 2-benzenesulfonylalkyl-5-substituted-sulfanyl-[1,3,4]-oxadiazoles as potential anti-hepatitis B virus agentsChen, Y. ; Kong, K.H.; Ang, T.H.; Lam, Y. ; Tan, T.M.C. ; Bai, J. ; Li, Y.; Lim, S.G. 
Jul-2006Synthesis of 2,4-disubstituted 5-aminoimidazoles using microwave irradiationSoh, C.H.; Chui, W.K. ; Lam, Y. 
15-Sep-2010Synthesis of cyclic di-nucleotidic acids as potential inhibitors targeting diguanylate cyclaseChing, S.M.; Tan, W.J.; Chua, K.L.; Lam, Y. 
11-Jan-2010Synthesis of pyrazolo[5,1-d][1,2,3,5]tetrazine-4(3H)-onesGao, Y.; Lam, Y. 
1990The crystal structures of 1,1′-dinitrobicyclopentyl, 1,1′-dinitrobicyclohexyl and 1,1′-dinitrobicycloheptylLam, Y.L. ; Huang, H.H. ; Hambley, T.W.
2007Traceless solid-phase synthesis and biological evaluation of purine analogs as inhibitors of multidrug resistance protein 4Tan, T.M.C. ; Yang, F. ; Fu, H.; Raghavendra, M.S.; Lam, Y. 
9-Nov-2009Traceless solid-phase synthesis of 6-amino- and 6-hydroxyimino-1,3,5- triazine-2,4-diones and 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-trionesKong, K.-H.; Tan, C.-K.; Lam, Y. 
11-May-2009Traceless solid-phase synthesis of heteroannulated 1,3-oxazin-6-onesChe, J.; Raghavendra, M.S.; Lam, Y. 
Sep-2005Traceless solid-phase synthesis of N1,N7-disubstituted purinesFu, H. ; Lam, Y. 
Nov-2004Traceless solid-phase synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles and their biological evaluations as inhibitors of neuronal sodium channelsKong, K.-H.; Chen, Y. ; Ma, X. ; Wai, K.C. ; Lam, Y. 
Nov-2006Traceless solid-phase synthesis of substituted xanthinesHe, R.; Ching, S.M.; Lam, Y.