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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Decomposition of aggregate energy and gas emission intensities for industry: A refined divisia index methodAng, B.W. ; Choi, K.-H.
Nov-2003Decomposition of aggregate energy intensity changes in two measures: Ratio and differenceChoi, K.-H.; Ang, B.W. 
Jul-1997Decomposition of energy-induced CO2 emissions in manufacturingAng, B.W. ; Pandiyan, G.
Apr-1994Decomposition of industrial energy consumption. Some methodological and application issuesAng, B.W. ; Lee, S.Y.
Jul-1994Decomposition of industrial energy consumption. The energy intensity approachAng, B. 
Apr-1996Decomposition of industrial energy consumption: The energy coefficient approachAng, B.W. ; Lee, P.W.
Jan-2009EditorialAng, B.W. ; Tol, R.S.J.; Weyant, J.P.
Jan-2010EditorialAng, B.W. ; Tol, R.S.J.; Weyant, J.P.
Jan-2009EditorialAng, B.W. ; Tol, R.S.J.; Weyant, J.P.
Nov-2013Editorial: New data policyAng, B.W. ; Tol, R.S.J.; Weyant, J.P.
Sep-2003Eight methods for decomposing the aggregate energy-intensity of industryLiu, F.L.; Ang, B.W. 
Apr-1988Electricity-output ratio and sectoral electricity use The case of East and Southeast Asian developing countriesAng, B.W. 
1988Electricity-output ratio and sectoral electricity use: the case of East and Southeast Asian developing countries.Ang, B.W. 
16-Sep-2012Energy and CO 2 emission performance in electricity generation: A non-radial directional distance function approachZhou, P.; Ang, B.W. ; Wang, H.
1994Energy and environmental assessment of road transport fuelsAng, B.W. ; Neoh, K.G. 
1993Energy and environmentally sound urban transport system: the case of SingaporeAng, B.W. 
Mar-2007Energy decomposition analysis: IEA model versus other methodsAng, B.W. ; Liu, N.
Jun-1996Energy savings due to land transportation management in SingaporeFwa, T.F. ; Ang, B.W. 
2015Energy security: Definitions, dimensions and indexesAng, Beng Wah ; Choong Wei Liang ; Ng, Tsan Sheng Adam 
1993Estimation of axle loads of heavy vehicles for pavement studiesFwa, T.F. ; Ang, B.W. ; Toh, H.S. ; Goh, T.N.