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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1989A study on the fuel-consumption characteristics of public busesAng, B.W. ; Fwa, T.F. 
2008A survey of data envelopment analysis in energy and environmental studiesZhou, P. ; Ang, B.W. ; Poh, K.L. 
Dec-2000A survey of index decomposition analysis in energy and environmental studiesAng, B.W. ; Zhang, F.Q.
Nov-2001A time-series analysis of energy-related carbon emissions in KoreaChoi, K.-H.; Ang, B.W. 
Nov-2006A trigonometric grey prediction approach to forecasting electricity demandZhou, P. ; Ang, B.W. ; Poh, K.L. 
2000A uniformly most powerful cumulative sum scheme based on symmetryAtienza, O.O.; Tang, L.C. ; Ang, B.W. 
May-1997A vehicle routing and scheduling problem with time windows and stochastic demand constraintsOng, H.L. ; Ang, B.W. ; Goh, T.N. ; Deng, C.C. 
Sep-2010Accounting frameworks for tracking energy efficiency trendsAng, B.W. ; Mu, A.R.; Zhou, P.
Jan-2014Analysing residential energy consumption using index decomposition analysisXu, X.Y.; Ang, B.W. 
Jul-1993Analysis of process energy use of asphalt-mixing plantsAng, B.W. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Ng, T.T. 
Dec-1997Arl properties of a sample autocorrelation chartAtienza, O.O.; Tang, L.C. ; Ang, B.W. 
Dec-1989Asean energy demand: Current trends and future outlookAng, B.W. 
Jan-2012Attribution of changes in Divisia real energy intensity index - An extension to index decomposition analysisChoi, K.-H.; Ang, B.W. 
Oct-2002Boundary problem in carbon emission decompositionAng, B.W. ; Choi, K.-H.
Jul-1999Break-even price of distributed generation under uncertaintyAng, B.W. ; Huang, J.P.; Poh, K.L. 
Jun-1996Characteristics of truck traffic in SingaporeFwa, T.F. ; Ang, B.W. ; Goh, T.N. 
20-Sep-2006Comparing aggregating methods for constructing the composite environmental index: An objective measureZhou, P. ; Ang, B.W. ; Poh, K.L. 
2009Comparing MCDA aggregation methods in constructing composite indicators using the Shannon-Spearman measureZhou, P.; Ang, B.W. 
Sep-1995Decision analysis in energy and environmental modelingHuang, J.P.; Poh, K.L. ; Ang, B.W. 
Nov-2006Decision analysis in energy and environmental modeling: An updateZhou, P. ; Ang, B.W. ; Poh, K.L.