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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Strain-induced very low noise RF MOSFETs on flexible plastic substrateKao, H.L.; Chin, A. ; Hung, B.F.; Lai, J.M.; Lee, C.F.; Li, M.-F. ; Samudra, G.S. ; Zhu, C. ; Xia, Z.L.; Liu, X.Y.; Kang, J.F.
Jun-2005The effect of IrO2-IrO2- Hf-LaAlO3 gate dielectric on the bias-temperature instability of 3-D GOI CMOSFETsYu, D.S.; Liao, C.C.; Cheng, C.F.; Chin, A. ; Li, M.F. ; McAlister, S.P.
Jan-2005The power of functional scaling: Beyond the power consumption challenge and the scaling roadmapChin, A. ; McAlister, S.P.
Feb-2005Three-dimensional metal gate-high-Κ-GOI CMOSFETs on 1-poly-6-metal 0.18-μm Si devicesYu, D.S.; Chin, A. ; Liao, C.C.; Lee, C.F.; Cheng, C.F.; Li, M.F. ; Yoo, W.J. ; McAlister, S.P.
Jan-2006Tuning effective metal gate work function by a novel gate dielectric HfLaO for nMOSFETsWang, X.P.; Li, M.-F. ; Ren, C.; Yu, X.F.; Shen, C.; Ma, H.H. ; Chin, A. ; Zhu, C.X. ; Ning, J.; Yu, M.B.; Kwong, D.-L.
2005Very high density RF MIM capacitor compatible with VLSIChiang, K.C.; Lai, C.H.; Chin, A. ; Kao, H.L.; McAlister, S.P.; Chi, C.C.
2005Very high κ and high density TiTaO MIM capacitors for analog and RF applicationsChiang, K.C.; Chin, A. ; Lai, C.H.; Chen, W.J.; Cheng, C.F.; Hung, B.F.; Liao, C.C.
Oct-2005Very high-density (23 fF/μm2) RF MIM capacitors using high-κ TaTiO as the dielectricChiang, K.C.; Lai, C.H.; Chin, A. ; Wang, T.J.; Chiu, H.F.; Chen, J.-R.; McAlister, S.P.; Chi, C.C.
Nov-2005Very low noise RF nMOSFETs on pastic by substrate thinning and wafer transferKao, H.L.; Hung, B.F.; Chin, A. ; Lai, J.M.; Lee, C.F.; McAlister, S.P.; Chi, C.C.
Nov-2007Work function tunability of refractory metal nitrides by lanthanum or aluminum doping for advanced CMOS devicesWang, X.P.; Lim, A.E.-J.; Yu, H.Y.; Li, M.-F. ; Ren, C.; Loh, W.-Y.; Zhu, C.X. ; Chin, A. ; Trigg, A.D.; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Biesemans, S.; Lo, G.-Q.; Kwong, D.-L.