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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2011High performance additive manufactured scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applicationTarik Arafat, M.; Lam, C.X.F. ; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Wong, S.Y.; He, C. ; Hutmacher, D.W.; Li, X.; Gibson, I. 
May-2011Hyaluronan-based heparin-incorporated hydrogels for generation of axially vascularized bioartificial bone tissues: In vitro and in vivo evaluation in a PLDLLA-TCP-PCL-composite systemRath, S.N.; Pryymachuk, G.; Bleiziffer, O.A.; Lam, C.X.F. ; Arkudas, A.; Ho, S.T.B.; Beier, J.P.; Horch, R.E.; Hutmacher, D.W.; Kneser, U.
Dec-2008Mechanical and in vitro evaluations of composite PLDLLA/TCP scaffolds for bone engineeringLam, C.X.F. ; Olkowski, R.; Swieszkowski, W.; Tan, K.C.; Gibson, I. ; Hutmacher, D.W.
2008Osteoinduction of marrow stem cells on composite PLDLLA/TCP scaffoldsOlkowski, R.; Lam, C.X.F. ; Tan, K.C.; Swieszkowski, W.; Hutmacher, D.W. 
2008PCL-TCP composite scaffolds with marrow derived cell-sheets in a porcine spinal fusion model: Preliminary evaluationLam, C.X.F. ; Akogwu, A.S.; Goh, J.C.H. ; Hutmacher, D.W. ; Wong, H.-K.
31-May-2002Scaffold development using 3D printing with a starch-based polymerLam, C.X.F. ; Mo, X.M. ; Teoh, S.H. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
Jul-2007State of the art and future directions of scaffold-based bone engineering from a biomaterials perspectiveHutmacher, D.W. ; Schantz, J.T. ; Lam, C.X.F. ; Tan, K.C.; Lim, T.C.
2007State of the art and future directions of scaffold-based bone engineering from a biomaterials perspective.Hutmacher, D.W. ; Schantz, J.T. ; Lam, C.X. ; Tan, K.C.; Lim, T.C. 
Jun-2009Towards a Medium/High Load-Bearing Scaffold Fabrication SystemGibson, I. ; Savalani, M.M.; Lam, C.X. ; Olkowski, R.; Ekaputra, A.K. ; Tan, K.C.; Hutmacher, D.W.