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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Ultrafast laser processing of transparent materialsWang, Z.B.; Hong, M.H. ; Yin, L.; Chong, T.C. 
2015Ultrahigh-capacity non-periodic photon sieves operating in visible lightHuang K. ; Liu H.; Garcia-Vidal F.J.; Hong M. ; Luk'Yanchuk B.; Teng J.; Qiu C.-W. 
Feb-2012Ultralow broadband optical reflection of silicon nanostructured surfaces coupled with antireflection coatingLiu, Y. ; Hong, M. 
22-Jan-2013Ultrasensitive broadband probing of molecular vibrational modes with multifrequency optical antennasAouani, H.; Šípová, H.; Rahmani, M.; Navarro-Cia, M.; Hegnerová, K.; Homola, J.; Hong, M. ; Maier, S.A.
1-Mar-2002Ultraviolet and visible Raman spectroscopy characterization of chemical vapor deposition diamond filmsHuang, S.M.; Sun, Z.; Lu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. 
Apr-2002Ultraviolet and visible Raman spectroscopy characterization of diamond-like carbon film growth by pulsed laser depositionHuang, S.M.; Sun, Z.; Lu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. 
2010Underwater laser cleaning for marine and offshore applicationsChen, G.X.; Kwee, T.J.; Lei, N.R.; Tan, K.P.; Choo, Y.S. ; Hong, M.H. 
2003Unique Functional Micro/nano-structures Created by Femtosecond Laser IrradiationHong, M.H. ; Huang, S.M.; Wang, W.J. ; Tiaw, K.S.; Teoh, S.E. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.; Chong, T.C. 
20-May-2013Use of a gold reflecting-layer in optical antenna substrates for increase of photoluminescence enhancementFernandez-Garcia, R.; Rahmani, M.; Hong, M. ; Maier, S.A.; Sonnefraud, Y.