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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Science and engineering in laser surface cleaningLu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Hong, M.H. ; Ren, Z.M.; Zheng, Y.W.
2000Science and engineering in laser surface cleaningLu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Hong, M.H. ; Ren, Z.M.; Zheng, Y.W.
31-Jan-2008Selective growth of gallium nitride nanowires by femtosecond laser patterningNg, D.K.T.; Hong, M.H. ; Tan, L.S. ; Zhou, Y.; Chen, G.X. 
1-Aug-2013Self-imaging generation of plasmonic void arraysWei, S.; Lin, J.; Wang, R.; Wang, Q.; Yuan, G.; Du, L.; Wang, Y.; Luo, X.; Hong, M. ; Min, C.; Yuan, X.
15-Mar-2003Self-organization of silicon nanocone array induced by pulsed CO2 laser irradiationWang, W.J. ; Lu, Y.F. ; An, C.W.; Hong, M.H. ; Song, W.D. ; Chong, T.C. 
Aug-2010Self-similar chain of nanocrescents as a surface-enhanced raman scattering substrateYang, L. ; Luo, X.; Hong, M. 
2015Shaping a subwavelength needle with ultra-long focal length by focusing azimuthally polarized lightQin, Fei ; Huang, Kun ; Wu, Jianfeng ; Jiao, Jiao; Luo, Xiangang; Qiu, Chengwei ; Hong, Minghui 
25-Feb-2010Simultaneous phase and size control of upconversion nanocrystals through lanthanide dopingWang, F. ; Han, Y.; Lim, C.S.; Lu, Y. ; Wang, J.; Xu, J.; Chen, H.; Zhang, C. ; Hong, M. ; Liu, X. 
1-Apr-2013Singular diffraction-free surface plasmon beams generated by overlapping phase-shifted sourcesWei, S.; Lin, J.; Wang, Q.; Yuan, G.; Du, L.; Wang, R.; Xu, L.; Hong, M. ; Min, C.; Yuan, X.
2004Solvent effect and wavelength effect of laser-synthesized carbon nanoparticle colloids on optical limitingChen, G.X. ; Hong, M.H. ; Wang, Z.B.; Elim, H.I. ; Chen, W.Z.; Lam, H.M.; Ji, W. ; Chong, T.C. 
1998Spectroscopic study of pulsed laser induced plasma from aluminum surfaceLu, Y.F. ; Tao, Z.B.; Hong, M.H. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Low, T.S. 
Aug-2013Spoof Plasmon Surfaces: A Novel Platform for THz SensingNg, B.; Wu, J.; Hanham, S.M.; Fernández-Domínguez, A.I.; Klein, N.; Liew, Y.F.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Hong, M. ; Maier, S.A.
2002Steam-assisted laser ablation metal substrateKoh, M.L.; Hong, M.H. ; Zhu, S.; Lu, Y.F. 
31-Jan-2008Structural and magnetic property of Co-doped-ZnO thin films prepared by pulsed laser depositionVan, L.H. ; Hong, M.H. ; Ding, J. 
Apr-2012Study of field intensity distribution of laser beam propagating through a micro-lens arrayLim, C.S.; Hong, M.H. ; Senthil Kumar, A. ; Rahman, M. ; Chong, T.C. 
1999Study of laser texturing processes by reflected light detectionWang, W.J. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. 
Feb-2005Sub-30 nm lithography with near-field scanning optical microscope combined with femtosecond laserLin, Y. ; Hong, M.H. ; Wang, W.J.; Law, Y.Z.; Chong, T.C. 
May-2002Sub-50 nm nanopatterning of metallic layers by green pulsed laser combined with atomic force microscopyHuang, S.M.; Hong, M.H. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Lu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Chong, T.C. 
1-Oct-2007Sub-micron surface patterning by laser irradiation through microlens arraysLim, C.S. ; Hong, M.H. ; Lin, Y. ; Chen, G.X. ; Senthil Kumar, A. ; Rahman, M. ; Tan, L.S. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Lim, G.C.
11-Apr-2012Subgroup decomposition of plasmonic resonances in hybrid oligomers: Modeling the resonance lineshapeRahmani, M.; Lei, D.Y.; Giannini, V.; Lukiyanchuk, B.; Ranjbar, M.; Liew, T.Y.F. ; Hong, M. ; Maier, S.A.