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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Effect of nanosecond and femtosecond pulse duration of laser processing of thin biodegradable polymeric filmTiaw, K.S.; Tan, P.S. ; Hong, M.H. ; Wang, Z.B.; Tech, S.H. 
2015Effect of pulse duration on heat transfer and solidification development in laser-melt magnesium alloyGuan, Yingchun; Zhou, Wei; Zheng, Hongyu; Hong, Minghui ; Zhu, Ying; Qi, Bojin
1-May-2009Effects of femtosecond laser ablation on Vitrovac 6025XTan, L.S. ; Seet, H.L. ; Hong, M.H. ; Li, X.P. 
Sep-1999Electric signal detection at the early stage of laser ablation in airLu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. 
2000Electric signal diagnostics of plasma dynamics at early stage of laser ablationHong, M.H. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Foong, A.
1-Sep-2001Electron field emission from polymer films treated by a pulsed ultraviolet laserHuang, S.M.; Sun, Z.; An, C.W.; Lu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. 
Jul-2004Energy flow around a small particle investigated by classical Mie theoryWang, Z.B.; Luk'Yanchuk, B.S.; Hong, M.H. ; Lin, Y. ; Chong, T.C. 
5-Nov-2012Enhancement of laser-induced rear surface spallation by pyramid textured structures on silicon wafer solar cellsDu, Z.R.; Palina, N.; Chen, J.; Aberle, A.G. ; Hoex, B. ; Hong, M.H. 
2007Evanescent wave interference lithography for surface nano-structuringZhou, Y.; Hong, M.H. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Lu, L. ; Lukiyanchuk, B.S.
1996Excimer laser applications in integrated circuit packagingLu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Low, T.S. 
1997Excimer laser irradiation on NiP surfaceLiu, D.M.; Lu, Y.F. ; Yiang, K.Y.; Song, W.D. ; Hong, M.H. ; Low, T.S. 
Apr-2006Fabrication of concave micro lens array using laser patterning and isotropic etchingLim, C.S. ; Hong, M.H. ; Kumar, A.S. ; Rahman, M. ; Liu, X.D.
5-Aug-2015Fabrication of metallic surfaces with long-term superhydrophilic property using one-stop laser methodGuan, Y.C.; Luo, Fangfang ; Lim, G.C.; Hong, Minghui ; Zheng, H.Y.; Qi, B.
2015Fabrication of metallic surfaces with long-term superhydrophilic property using one-stop laser methodGuan Y.C.; Luo F.F. ; Lim G.C.; Hong M.H. ; Zheng H.Y.; Qi B.
31-Jan-2008Fabrication of nanostructures with laser interference lithographyXie, Q.; Hong, M.H. ; Tan, H.L.; Chen, G.X. ; Shi, L.P.; Chong, T.C. 
May-2013Fano resonance in novel plasmonic nanostructuresRahmani, M.; Luk'yanchuk, B.; Hong, M. 
Jan-1999Fast ICCD imaging of KrF excimer laser induced titanium plasma plumes for silicon metallizationHong, M.H. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Ho, T.M.; Lu, L.W.; Low, T.S. 
1-May-2008Fast switchable electro-optic radial polarization retarderLim, B.C.; Phua, P.B.; Lai, W.J.; Hong, M.H. 
Sep-2004Femtosecond laser application for high capacity optical data storageHong, M.H. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.; Huang, S.M.; Ong, T.S.; Van, L.H.; Chong, T.C. 
2009Femtosecond laser irradiation for functional micro-/nanostructure fabricationHong, M. ; Chen, Z.; Tang, M. ; Shi, L.; Chong, T.C.