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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-1999Parametric instability of conical shells by the generalized differential quadrature methodNg, T.Y.; Hua, L. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Loy, C.T. 
16-Jul-1998Parametric resonance of a rotating cylindrical shell subjected to periodic axial loadsNg, T.Y. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Reddy, J.N.
Jan-1999Parametric resonance of cylindrical shells by different shell theoriesLam, K.Y. ; Ng, T.Y.
2005PrefaceLi, H.; Lam, K.-Y. ; Ng, T.-Y.
Aug-2001Probabilistic failure of a cracked submarine pipeline subjected to the underwater shockLam, K.Y. ; Zong, Z.; Wang, Q.X. 
14-Sep-2000Quadratic layer element for analyzing stress waves in FGMS and its application in material characterizationHan, X. ; Liu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Ohyoshi, T.
Feb-1999Response of composite beam under low-velocity impact of multiple massesLam, K.Y. ; Sathiyamoorthy, T.S.
Dec-1994Response spectrum of underground protective structuresAlwis, W.A.M. ; Lam, K.Y. 
Mar-1996Scattering of SH waves by flaws in sandwich plates and its use in flaw detectionLiu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y. 
1996Scattering of waves by flaws in anisotropic laminated platesLiu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Shang, H.M. 
Apr-1991Set of orthogonal plate functions for flexural vibration of regular polygonal platesLiew, K.M. ; Lam, K.Y. 
1-Dec-2005Simulation of the influences of bathing solution and crosslink density on the swelling equilibrium of ionic thermo-sensitive hydrogelsLi, H. ; Wang, Z.; Wang, X.; Lam, K.Y. 
Feb-1995Statistics and size effect in cementitious materialsCotterell, B. ; Mai, Y.-W.; Lam, K.Y. 
Feb-1991Statistics of flaw interaction in brittle materialsLam, Khin-Yong ; Cotterell, Brian ; Phua, Swee-Pheng
Nov-1992Stress intensity factors of cracks in finite plates subjected to thermal loadsLam, K.Y. ; Tay, T.E. ; Yuan, W.G.
1996Stress waves in composite laminates excited by transverse plane shock wavesLiu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Chan, E.S. 
Jun-1999Stress waves in functionally gradient materials and its use for material characterizationLiu, G.R. ; Han, X. ; Lam, K.Y. 
Oct-1995Strip element method for characterization of flaws in sandwich platesLiu, Gui-Rong ; Lam, Khin Yong ; Tani, Junji
1996Strong interaction between a buoyancy bubble and a free surfaceWang, Q.X. ; Yeo, K.S. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Lam, K.Y. 
1994Strong interaction between buoyancy bubble and free surfaceWang, Q.X. ; Yeo, K.S. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Lam, K.Y.