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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Bubble-assisted film evaporation correlation for saline water at sub-atmospheric pressures in horizontal-tube evaporatorShahzad, M.W.; Myat, A.; Chun, W.G.; Ng, K.C. 
1-Jul-2012Calculation of heat of adsorption of gases and refrigerants on activated carbons from direct measurements fitted to the Dubinin-Astakhov equationSrinivasan, K.; Dutta, P.; Ng, K. ; Saha, B.
Jun-2011Case studies of microbubbles in wastewater treatmentWen, L.H.; Ismail, A.B.; Menon, P.M.; Saththasivam, J.; Thu, K. ; Choon, N.K. 
May-1995Centrifugal chillers: Thermodynamic modelling and a diagnostic case studyGordon, J.M. ; Ng, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. 
2004Compact nonimaging infrared systems for decondensing 2000 m 2 of spectator glazing at Singapore Kranji racetrackGordon, J.M.; Ng, K.C. 
2001Development of solar/waste heat driven dualmode, multi-stage, multi-bed regenerative adsorption systemSaha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; Akisawa, A.; Kashiwagi, T.; Ng, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. ; Yoon, J.I.
Mar-1997Diagnostics and optimization of reciprocating chillers: Theory and experimentNg, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. ; Ong, W.; Lee, S.S.; Gordon, J.M.
1987Economic evaluation of a solar water heating systemHawlader, M.N.A. ; Ng, K.C. ; Chandratilleke, T.T. ; Sharma, D.; Kelvin Koay, H.L.
2013Editorial special issue: Chemical and sorption heat pumps, Selected papers from the International Symposium on innovative materials for processes in energy systems 2010 (IMPRES2010) - For fuel cells, heat pumps and sorption systemsSaha, B.B.; Ng, K.C. 
14-May-2009Effect of pressure on the adsorption rate for gasoline vapor on pitch-based activated carbonHe, J.M.; Ng, K.C. ; Yap, C. ; Saha, B.B. 
20-Aug-2002Electro-adsorption chiller: a miniaturized cooling cycle with applications from microelectronics to conventional air-conditioningNG, KIM CHOON ; GORDON, JEFFREY M. ; CHUA, HUI TONG ; CHAKRABORTY, ANUTOSH 
2013Entropy generation analysis of an adsorption cooling cycleThu, K.; Kim, Y.-D.; Myat, A.; Chun, W.G.; Ng, K.C. 
21-Jun-1998Entropy generation analysis of two-bed, silica gel-water, non-regenerative adsorption chillersChua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Malek, A. ; Kashiwagi, T.; Akisawa, A.; Saha, B.B.
Oct-2012Entropy generation minimization: A practical approach for performance evaluation of temperature cascaded co-generation plantsMyat, A.; Thu, K.; Kim, Y.D.; Saha, B.B.; Choon Ng, K. 
1997Entropy production analysis and experimental confirmation of absorption systemsChua, H.T. ; Gordon, J.M.; Ng, K.C. ; Han, Q.
May-2008Erratum to "Modeling the performance of two-bed, silica gel-water adsorption chillers" [Int. J. Refrigeration 22 (1999) 194-204] (DOI:10.1016/S0140-7007(98)00063-2)Chua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Malek, A. ; Kashiwagi, T.; Akisawa, A.; Saha, B.B.
Nov-2007Erratum to "Multi-bed regenerative adsorption chiller - Improving the utilization of waste heat and reducing the chilled water outlet temperature fluctuation" [Int. J. Refrigeration 24 (2001) 124-136] (DOI:10.1016/S0140-7007(99)00078-X)Chua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Malek, A. ; Kashiwagi, T.; Akisawa, A.; Saha, B.B.
Dec-2003Erratum: Improved thermodynamic property fields of LiBr-H2O solution (International Journal of Refrigeration (2000) 23 (412-429) PII: S0140700799000766)Chua, H.T. ; Toh, H.K.; Malek, A. ; Ng, K.C. ; Srinivasan, K. 
11-Nov-2010Experimental adsorption isotherm of methane onto activated carbon at sub- and supercritical temperaturesRahman, K.A.; Loh, W.S. ; Yanagi, H. ; Chakraborty, A.; Saha, B.B.; Chun, W.G.; Ng, K.C.