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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Experimental and modeling analysis of membrane-based air dehumidificationBui, Duc Thuan ; Chen, Feng; Nida, Aqdas ; Chua, Kian Jon Ernest ; Ng, Kim Choon 
4-Dec-2001Experimental and numerical study on a miniature Joule-Thomson cooler for steady-state characteristicsNg, K.C. ; Xue, H.; Wang, J.B.
12-Apr-2012Experimental and theoretical insight of nonisothermal adsorption kinetics for a single component adsorbent-adsorbate systemLoh, W.S. ; Chakraborty, A.; Saha, B.B.; Ng, K.C. 
Jun-2006Experimental investigation of activated carbon fibers/ethanol pairs for adsorption cooling system applicationEl-Sharkawy, I.I.; Kuwahara, K.; Saha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; Ng, K.C. 
Dec-2005Experimental investigation of an adsorption desalination plant using low-temperature waste heatWang, X. ; Ng, K.C. 
2005Experimental investigation of an Electro-adsorption chillerChoon, N.K. ; Xiaolin, W. ; Lizhen, G.; Anutosh, C. ; Aye, S.M.
Aug-2005Experimental investigation of silica gel-water adsorption chillers with and without a passive heat recovery schemeWang, X. ; Chua, H.T.; Ng, K.C. 
Nov-2001Experimental investigation of the silica gel-water adsorption isotherm characteristicsNg, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. ; Chung, C.Y.; Loke, C.H.; Kashiwagi, T.; Akisawa, A.; Saha, B.B.
Dec-2008Experimental investigation on activated carbon-ethanol pair for solar powered adsorption cooling applicationsEl-Sharkawy, I.I.; Saha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; He, J.; Ng, K.C. ; Yap, C. 
2013Experimental investigation on the optimal performance of Zeolite-water adsorption chillerMyat, A.; Kim Choon, N. ; Thu, K.; Kim, Y.-D.
2005Experimental investigations of the adsorption of NH3 on silica gel-based adsorbentWang, X. ; Wolfgang, Z.; Ng, K.C. ; Gao, L.; Keller, J.U.
Jul-1996Experimental study of the fundamental properties of reciprocating chillers and their relation to thermodynamic modeling and chiller designChua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Gordon, J.M. 
1984EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF TWO-PHASE-FLOW BOILING IN A VERTICAL HEATED TUBE.Ng. K. C. ; Chandratilleke, T.T. ; Hawlader, M.N.A. ; Wijeysundera, N.E. 
Jun-2010Experimental study on adsorption kinetics of activated carbon/R134a and activated carbon/R507A pairsHabib, K.; Saha, B.B.; Rahman, K.A.; Chakraborty, A. ; Koyama, S.; Ng, K.C. 
Sep-2006Experimental study on performance improvement of a four-bed adsorption chiller by using heat and mass recoveryNg, K.C. ; Wang, X. ; Lim, Y.S.; Saha, B.B.; Chakarborty, A.; Koyama, S.; Akisawa, A.; Kashiwagi, T.
1997Experimental verification of a diagnostic model for reciprocating chillersNg, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. ; Ong, A.S.
Aug-2006Experiments for measuring adsorption characteristics of an activated carbon fiber/ethanol pair using a plate-fin heat exchangerSaha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; El-Sharkawy, I.I.; Kuwahara, K.; Kariya, K.; Ng, K.C. 
1-May-2001General thermodynamic framework for understanding temperature-entropy diagram of batchwise operating thermodynamic cooling cyclesChua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Malek, A. ; Oo, N.M.
1-Nov-2000General thermodynamic framework for understanding the behaviour of absorption chillersChua, H.T. ; Toh, H.K.; Malek, A. ; Ng, K.C. ; Srinivasan, K.