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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Thermodynamic analysis of absorption chillers: Internal dissipation and process average temperatureNg, K.C. ; Tu, K.; Chua, H.T. ; Gordon, J.M.; Kashiwagi, T.; Akisawa, A.; Saha, B.B.
2007Thermodynamic formalism of minimum heat source temperature for driving advanced adsorption cooling deviceSaha, B.B.; Chakraborty, A.; Koyama, S.; Srinivasan, K.; Ng, K.C. ; Kashiwagi, T.; Dutta, P.
Jun-2006Thermodynamic formulation of temperature-entropy diagram for the transient operation of a pulsed thermoelectric coolerChakraborty, A. ; Ng, K.C. 
May-2005Thermodynamic methods for performance analysis of chillersNg, K.C. ; Wang, X.L.
Apr-1999Thermodynamic modeling of absorption chiller and comparison with experimentsNg, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. ; Han, Q.; Kashiwagi, T.; Akisawa, A.; Tsurusawa, T.
Nov-2002Thermodynamic modeling of an ammonia-water absorption chillerChua, H.T. ; Toh, H.K.; Ng, K.C. 
1994Thermodynamic modeling of reciprocating chillersGordon, J.M. ; Ng, K.C. 
Sep-2006Thermodynamic modelling of a solid state thermoelectric cooling device: Temperature-entropy analysisChakraborty, A.; Saha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; Ng, K.C. 
18-Mar-2003Thermodynamic property fields of an adsorbate-adsorbent systemChua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Chakraborty, A. ; Oo, N.M.
Jan-2012Thermodynamic property slopes from primary measurementsSrinivasan, K.; Saha, B.B.; Dutta, P.; Ng, K.C. ; Brear, M.J.
Jan-2010Thermodynamic property surfaces for adsorption of R507A, R134a, and n-butane on pitch-based carbonaceous porous materialsChakraborty, A. ; Saha, B.B.; Ng, K.C. ; El-Sharkawy, I.I.; Koyama, S.
2008Thermodynamic trends in the uptake capacity of porous adsorbents on methane and hydrogenChakraborty, A.; Saha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; Ng, K.C. ; Yoon, S.-H.
Feb-2007Thin-film thermoelectric cooler: Thermodynamic modelling and its temperature-entropy flux formulationChakraborty, A.; Saha, B.B.; Koyama, S.; Ng, K.C. 
2013Transient modeling of a lithium bromide - Water absorption chillerLi, A.; Loh, W.S. ; Ng, K.C. 
2013Transient modeling of a lithium bromide - Water absorption chillerLi, A. ; Loh, W.S. ; Ng, K.C. 
Feb-2004Transient modeling of a two-bed silica gel-water adsorption chillerChua, H.T. ; Ng, K.C. ; Wang, W.; Yap, C. ; Wang, X.L.
2012Transport analysis of an air gap membrane distillation (AGMD) processHawlader, M.N.A.; Bahar, R.; Ng, K.C. ; Stanley, L.J.W.
2000Two-stage non-regenerative silica gel-water adsorption refrigeration cycleSaha, B.B.; Alam, K.C.A.; Akisawa, A.; Kashiwagi, T.; Ng, K.C. ; Chua, H.T. 
Dec-2009Using the condenser effluent from a nuclear power plant for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)Kim, N.J.; Ng, K.C. ; Chun, W.