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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Boundary element analysis of delamination in IC packagesTay, A.A.O. ; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, K.M. 
2-Mar-2012Cell separation and transportation between two miscible fluid streams using ultrasoundLiu, Y.; Hartono, D. ; Lim, K.-M. 
2013Cell trapping and detection by dielectrophoresis with SU-8 groovesWu, L.; Yung, L.-Y.L. ; Lim, K.-M. 
2-Mar-2012Characterization and separation of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cells using on-chip dielectrophoresisNarayanan Unni, H. ; Hartono, D. ; Yue Lanry Yung, L. ; Mah-Lee Ng, M.; Pueh Lee, H.; Cheong Khoo, B. ; Lim, K.-M. 
Sep-2003Comparison between the radial point interpolation and the Kriging interpolation used in meshfree methodsDai, K.Y. ; Liu, G.R.; Lim, K.M. ; Gu, Y.T.
Oct-2007Contribution of outer hair cell bending to stereocilium deflection in the cochleaLi, H.; Lim, K.-M. 
2007Coupling molecular dynamics with amorphous cells for polymer modelingTan, V.B.C. ; Zeng, X.S. ; Yew, Y.K. ; Lim, K.M. ; Tay, T.E. 
6-Apr-2011Design of photonic crystals with multiple and combined band gapsMen, H.; Nguyen, N.C.; Freund, R.M.; Lim, K.M. ; Parrilo, P.A.; Peraire, J.
2001Determining the most likely site and mode of thermomechanical failure in multi-material systemsTay, A.A.O. ; Lee, K.H. ; Zhou, W.; Lim, K.M. 
2-Mar-2012Dielectrophoretic capture voltage spectrum for measurement of dielectric properties and separation of cancer cellsWu, L.; Lanry Yung, L. ; Lim, K. 
11-Oct-2012Direct numerical simulation of electroconvective instability and hysteretic current-voltage response of a permselective membranePham, V.S.; Li, Z.; Lim, K.M. ; White, J.K.; Han, J.
15-Aug-2012Effect of accessory ostia on maxillary sinus ventilation: A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studyZhu, J.H.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, K.M. ; Gordon, B.R.; Wang, D.Y.
2010Effect of periodic structure on sound propagationGupta, A.; Chew, C.H. ; Lim, K.M. 
1-Jan-2008Effect of residual stress on fracture in confined thin films: A discrete dislocation studyChng, A.C.; Curtin, W.A.; Tay, A.A.O. ; Lim, K.M. 
2018Environmental noise attenuation by resonator blindsLee, H.M ; Tan, L.B ; Lim, K.M ; Lee, H.P ; Xie, J
31-Jan-2011Evaluation and comparison of nasal airway flow patterns among three subjects from Caucasian, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups using computational fluid dynamics simulationZhu, J.H.; Lee, H.P. ; Lim, K.M. ; Lee, S.J.; Wang, D.Y.
2017Experimental and numerical studies of acoustical and ventilation performances of glass louver windowLee, H.M ; Lim, K.M ; Lee, H.P 
2017Experimental and numerical studies on the design of a sonic crystal windowLee, H.M ; Lim, K.M ; Lee, H.P 
Jan-2010Explaining the inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 by peptides derived from p25 with molecular dynamics simulations and MM-PBSATan, V.B.C. ; Zhang, B. ; Lim, K.M. ; Tay, T.E. 
2008Fast BEM solvers for 3D Poisson-type equationsHe, X.; Lim, K.-M. ; Lim, S.-P.