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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Resource management in heterogenous wireless networks with overlapping coverageChen, B.B.; Chan, M.C. 
2010Robustness of DTN against routing attacksChoo, F.C.; Chan, M.C. ; Chang, E.-C. 
2011SAUCeR: A QoS-aware slotted-aloha based UWB MAC with cooperative retransmissionsTan, H.-X.; Chan, M.C. ; Kong, P.-Y.; Tham, C.K.
2008Spherical coordinate routing for 3D wireless ad-hoc and sensor networksTao, S. ; Ananda, A.L. ; Mun, C.C. 
7-Oct-2019SQR: In-network Packet Loss Recovery from Link Failures for Highly Reliable Datacenter NetworksJOSHI RAJ ; CHAN MUN CHOON ; Leong Wing Lup,Ben 
2005Stability and hop-count based approach for route computation in MANETSridhar, K.N.; Chan, M.C. 
2009Sync-TCP: A new approach to high speed congestion controlWu, X. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. ; Ganjihal, C.
2007TCP handoff: A practical TCP enhancement for heterogeneous mobile environmentsWu, X. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2005TCP/IP performance over 3G wireless links with rate and delay variationChan, M.C. ; Ramjee, R.
2013The Jiku mobile video datasetSaini, M.; Venkatagiri, S.P.; Ooi, W.T. ; Chan, M.C. 
2005Utilizing characteristics of last link to improve TCP performanceXiuchao, W. ; Biswas, I.; Choon, C.M. ; Ananda, A.L. 
2010Website fingerprinting and identification using ordered feature sequencesLu, L.; Chang, E.-C. ; Chan, M.C.