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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Dephosphorylation of the small heat shock protein Hsp27 in vivo by protein phosphatase 2ACairns, J. ; Qin, S. ; Philp, R. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Guy, G.R. 
1994Differential induction of the interleukin-6 gene by tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-1Ng, S.B. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Guy, G.R. 
2002Expression of a full-length hepatitis C virus cDNA up-regulates the expression of CC chemokines MCP-1 and RANTESSoo, H.M. ; Garzino-Demo, A.; Hong, W. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Tan, Y.J.; Goh, P.-Y.; Lim, S.G. ; Lim, S.P.
1992Full-length cDNA sequence of dengue type 1 virus (Singapore strain S275/90)Fu, J. ; Tan, B.-H.; Yap, E.-H. ; Chan, Y.-C. ; Tan, Y.H. 
2001Identification and molecular characterisation of the complete genome of a Singapore isolate of hepatitis C virus: Sequence comparison with other strains and phylogenetic analysisLim, S.P.; Khu, Y.L. ; Tay, A.; Tan, Y.H. ; Hong, W.J.; Ting, A.E.; Lim, S.G. 
1996Identification of p90, a prominent tyrosine-phosphorylated protein in fibroblast growth factor-stimulated cells, as 80K-HGoh, K.C. ; Lim, Y.P. ; Ong, S.H. ; Siak, C.B.; Cao, X. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Guy, G.R. 
2002Inducible system in human hepatoma cell lines for hepatitis C virus productionLim, S.P.; Soo, H.M. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Horstmann, H.; Hong, W.-J. ; Brenner, S.; Ng, M.L. ; MacKenzie, J.M.; Lim, S.G. 
2002Inducible system in human hepatoma cell lines for hepatitis C virus productionLim, S.P.; Soo, H.M. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Brenner, S.; Horstmann, H.; MacKenzie, J.M.; Ng, M.L. ; Lim, S.G. ; Hong, W.-J. 
1991Interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor activate common multiple protein kinases in human fibroblastsGuy, G.R. ; Chua, S.P. ; Wong, N.S. ; Ng, S.B. ; Tan, Y.H. 
1992Interleukin-6 regulates the cytotoxic effect of tumour necrosis factor on U937 cellsCairns, J.A. ; Guy, G.R. ; Tan, Y.H. 
1995Involvement of a putative protein-tyrosine phosphatase and IκB-α serine phosphorylation in nuclear factor κB activation by tumor necrosis factorMenon, S.D. ; Guy, G.R. ; Tan, Y.H. 
1990Isolation of a cDNA encoding human 40 S ribosomal protein s3Zhang, X.T.; Tan, Y.-M.; Tan, Y.H. 
1992Okadaic acid mimics multiple changes in early protein phosphorylation and gene expression induced by tumor necrosis factor or interleukin-1Guy, G.R. ; Cao, X. ; Chua, S.P. ; Tan, Y.H. 
14-Jul-1993Protein phosphatase inhibitors for use in therapyCAO XINMIN ; GUY, GRAEME ; TAN, YIN HWEE 
1992Protein phosphatase inhibitors induce the sustained expression of the Egr- 1 gene and the hyperphosphorylation of its gene productCao, X. ; Mahendran, R. ; Guy, G.R. ; Tan, Y.H. 
1992Protein phosphatases in cell signallingPallen, C.J. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Guy, G.R. 
1996Recombinant dengue type 1 virus NS5 protein expressed in Escherichia coli exhibits RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activityTan, B.-H.; Yap, E.-H. ; Chan, Y.-C. ; Fu, J.; Sugrue, R.J. ; Tan, Y.H. 
1992Regulation of the Egr-1 gene by tumor necrosis factor and interferons in primary human fibroblastsCao, X. ; Guy, G.R. ; Sukhatme, V.P.; Tan, Y.H. 
1996SUC1-associated neurotrophic factor target (SNT) protein is a major FGF-stimulated tyrosine phosphorylated 90-kDa protein which binds to the SH2 domain of GRB2Klint, P.; Claesson-Welsh, L.; Ong, S.H. ; Goh, K.C. ; Lim, Y.P. ; Low, B.C. ; Cao, X. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Guy, G.R. 
2001The hepatitis C virus core protein interacts with NS5A and activates its caspase-mediated proteolytic cleavageGoh, P.-Y.; Tan, Y.-J.; Lim, S.P.; Lim, S.G. ; Tan, Y.H. ; Hong, W.J.