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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Differences in collagen production between normal and keloid-derived fibroblasts in serum-media co-culture with keloid-derived keratinocytesPhan, T.-T.; Lim, I.J. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Qi, R.; Huynh, H.T.; Lee, S.-T.; Longaker, M.T.
1997Differential cellular zinc levels in metastatic and primary nasopharyngeal carcinomaBay, B.-H. ; Chan, Y.-G.; Fong, C.-M.; Leong, H.-K.
2003Differential Expression of Metallothionein 1 and 2 Isoforms in Breast Cancer Lines with Different Invasive Potential: Identification of a Novel Nonsilent Metallothionein-1H Mutant VariantTai, S.-K.; Tan, O.J.-K.; Chow, V.T.-K. ; Jin, R.; Jayasurya, A. ; Bay, B.-H. ; Tan, P.-H.; Jones, J.L.
Jan-2005Differential expression of metallothionein isoforms in nasopharyngeal cancer and inhibition of cell growth by antisense down-regulation of metallothionein-2A.Tan, O.J.; Bay, B.H. ; Chow, V.T. 
1997Differential neutral red uptake as a potential marker of cancer stateParamanantham, R. ; Sit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. 
Jul-2006Differential reactions of microglia to brain metastasis of lung cancerHe, B.P. ; Wang, J.J.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Y.; Wang, M.; Bay, B.-H. ; Chang, A.Y.-C.
1992Distinctive uptake of neutral red by mitotic cancer cellsSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
2004Ductal carcinoma in situ with spindle cells: A potential diagnostic pitfall in the evaluation of breast lesionsTan, P.H. ; Lui, G.G.; Chiang, G.; Yap, W.M.; Poh, W.T.; Bay, B.H. 
Jun-1997Duplication of inferior vena cava with right renal hypoplasiaBay, B.-H. ; Tay, S.S.-W. ; Ng, Y.-K. 
1997Effect of Genistein on ATP-induced Cell Retraction and Rounding in Human Chang Liver CellsBay, B.H. 
1993Effect of genistein, a tyrosine-specific protein kinase inhibitor, on cell rounding by pH upshiftingSit, K.H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Wong, K.P. 
1993Effect of intraperitoneal administration of zinc in C67/6J miceBay, B.H. ; Sit, K.H. 
1998Effect of Intraperitoneal Administration of Zinc on C57/6J Mouse Liver-A Light Microscopic StudyBay, B.H. ; Wang, M.C.W.; Yip, G.W.C. 
1995Effect of intraperitoneal zinc on the haematological profiles of C57/6J miceBay, B.H. ; Singh, G. ; Sit, K.H. 
1996Effect of Zinc on the Epithelial Lining of Mice Epididymis - A Light Microscopic StudySingh, G. ; Bay, B.H. ; Sit, K.H. 
1991Effects of genistein on ATP induced DNA synthesis and intracellular alkalinization in Chang liver cellsSit, K.-H. ; Wong, K.-P. ; Bay, B.-H. 
1998Electron microscopic observations and X-ray microanalysis of a multinucleated giant cellBay, B.-H. ; Chan, Y.-G.; Yick, T.-Y.; Leong, H.-K.
2002Endogenous expression of interleukin-8 and interleukin-10 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells and the effect of photodynamic therapy.Du, H. ; Bay, B.H. ; Mahendran, R. ; Olivo, M.
2014Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG), a green tea polyphenol, stimulates hepatic autophagy and lipid clearanceZhou J.; Farah B.L.; Sinha R.A.; Wu Y.; Singh B.K.; Bay B.-H. ; Yang C.S.; Yen P.M. 
1996Epinephrine induces cytosolic transients in transformed keratinocytesBay, B.H. ; Sit, K.H.