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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Origin, development, and evolution of butterfly eyespotsMonteiro A 
2012Phenotypic plasticity in opsin expression in a butterfly compound eye complements sex role reversalEverett A.; Tong X.; Briscoe A.D.; Monteiro A. 
16-Nov-2017Pheromone learning in Bicyclus Nov 2017, Dion et al.Dion Emilie Julie Pauline ; Li Xian Pui; Monteiro, Antonia Fraser 
2011Pogostick: A new versatile piggybac vector for inducible gene over-expression and down-regulation in emerging model systemsChen B.; Hrycaj S.; Schinko J.B.; Podlaha O.; Wimmer E.A.; Popadi? A.; Monteiro A. 
2016Rearing temperature influences adult response to changes in mating statusWesterman E.; Monteiro A. 
2006Temporal and spatial control of transgene expression using laser induction of the hsp70 promoterRamos D.M.; Kamal F.; Wimmer E.A.; Cartwright A.N.; Monteiro A. 
2013Temporal Gene Expression Variation Associated with Eyespot Size Plasticity in Bicyclus anynanaOliver J.C.; Ramos D.; Prudic K.L.; Monteiro A. 
2007The combined effect of two mutations that alter serially homologous color pattern elements on the fore and hindwings of a butterflyMonteiro A. ; Chen B.; Scott L.C.; Vedder L.; Prijs H.J.; Belicha-Villanueva A.; Brakefield P.M.
2010The genetic, morphological, and physiological characterization of a dark larval cuticle mutation in the butterfly, Bicyclus anynanaBear A.; Simons A.; Westerman E.; Monteiro A.