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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Effect of boron on crystallization process, forming ability and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe91-xZr5BxNb4 alloyYao, B. ; Hu, X.; Si, L. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
Nov-2000Effect of local pressure on the crystallization product of amorphous alloys induced by mechanical millingYao, B. ; Liu, L.; Liu, S.E.; Ding, B.Z.; Su, W.H.; Li, Y. 
Sep-2001Effect of pressure on the structure of Fe-N alloys formed by solid-state reactionYao, B. ; Liu, L.; Liu, S.E.; Hu, X.; Su, W.H.
15-Dec-2003Effects of high boron content on crystallization, forming ability and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe91-xZr5B xNb4 alloyYao, B. ; Si, L. ; Tan, H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Li, Y. 
Jan-2002Effects of Pressure, Temperature and Grain Size on Synthesis and Structures of Fe-N AlloysLiu, L.; Yao, B. ; Zhao, X.-D.; Guo, K.-Y.; Ning, F.-L.; Su, W.-H.
2001Glass forming ability of La-rich La-Al-Cu ternary alloysTan, H. ; Lu, Z. ; Yao, H.; Yao, B. ; Feng, Y. ; Li, Y. 
Mar-2003Glass-forming ability of Pr-(Cu,Ni)-Al alloys in eutectic systemZhang, Y. ; Tan, H. ; Kong, H.Z. ; Yao, B. ; Li, Y. 
2-Mar-2001Hard magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in amorphous NdFeAl ribbonsSi, L. ; Ding, J. ; Wang, L.; Li, Y. ; Tan, H. ; Yao, B. 
Oct-2003Large magnetic entropy change in Nd2/3Sr1/3MnO3Si, L. ; Chang, Y.L.; Ding, J. ; Ong, C.K. ; Yao, B. 
1-Aug-2001Mechanism of mechanical crystallization of amorphous Fe-Mo-Si-B alloyYao, B. ; Liu, S.-E.; Liu, L.; Si, L. ; Su, W.-H.; Li, Y. 
31-Mar-2004Strong deep-blue photoluminescence of mesographite boron nitrideYao, B. ; Shen, Z.X. ; Liu, L. ; Su, W.H.
2001Structure and magnetic properties of chill-cast and melt-spun Ndx(Fe3Al)100-x and Nd33(FeyAl)67 alloysSi, L. ; Ding, J. ; Li, Y. ; Yao, B. 
11-Nov-2002The difference between the crystallization processes induced by mechanical milling and annealing under normal and high pressure in amorphous Fe-N alloyLiu, L.; Liu, S.-E.; Guo, X.-Y.; Zhao, X.-D.; Yao, B. ; Su, W.-H.
14-Feb-2002The eutectic point in Pr-rich Pr-Cu-Al ternary alloysZhang, Y. ; Yao, B. ; Tan, H. ; Li, Y. 
14-Feb-2002Thermodynamic mechanisms of mechanical crystallization of amorphous Fe-N alloyLiu, L.; Lun, S. ; Liu, S.-E.; Zhao, X.-D.; Yao, B. ; Su, W.-H.