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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Feasibility study of mobile phone WiFi detection in aerial search and rescue operationsWang, W.; Joshi, R.; Kulkarni, A.; Leong, W.K. ; Leong, B. 
2007Greedy virtual coordinates for geographic routingLeong, B. ; Liskov, B.; Morris, R.
2007Hydra: A massively-multiplayer peer-to-peer architecture for the game developerChan, L.; Yong, J.; Bai, J.; Leong, B. ; Tan, R. 
2011Improving link quality by exploiting channel diversity in wireless sensor networksDoddavenkatappa, M.; Chan, M.C. ; Leong, B. 
2010Improving peer-to-peer file distribution: Winner doesn't have to take allLeong, B. ; Wang, Y. ; Wen, S. ; Carbunaru, C.; Teo, Y.M. ; Chang, C.; Ho, T.
2010Issues in peer-to-peer networking: A coding optimization approachChang, C.S.; Ho, T.; Effros, M.; Médard, M.; Leong, B. 
2013Mitigating egregious ACK delays in cellular data networks by eliminating TCP ACK clockingLeong, W.K. ; Xu, Y.; Leong, B. ; Wang, Z.
2013MPath: High-bandwidth data transfers with massively multipath source routingXu, Y.; Leong, B. ; Seah, D.; Razeen, A.
2009Peer NAT proxies for peer-to-peer gamesSeah, D. ; Leong, W.K. ; Yang, Q.; Leong, B. ; Razeen, A.
2010Practical 3D geographic routing for wireless sensor networksZhou, J.; Chen, Y.; Leong, B. ; Sundaramoorthy, P.S.
2010Practical virtual coordinates for large wireless sensor networksZhou, J.; Chen, Y.; Leong, B. ; Feng, B.
7-Oct-2019SQR: In-network Packet Loss Recovery from Link Failures for Highly Reliable Datacenter NetworksJOSHI RAJ ; CHAN MUN CHOON ; Leong Wing Lup,Ben 
2011Understanding and mitigating TCP starvation in 802.11 wireless mesh networksWang, W.; Leong, B. ; Ooi, W.T.