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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Optimal plastic design of circular plates: Numerical solutions and built-in edgesWang, C.-M. ; Thevendran, V. ; Rozvany, G.I.N.; Olhoff, N.
1987Optimal shapes of cylindrical concrete water tanksThevendran, V. ; Thambiratnam, D.P. 
1987Optimisation of pile groupsChow, Y.K. ; Thevendran, V. 
1988Optimum design of conical shells for free vibrationThambiratnam, D.P. ; Thevendran, V. 
22-Feb-1988Optimum vibrating shapes of beams and circular platesThambiratnam, D.P. ; Thevendran, V. 
Jun-1987PROPAGATION OF AXISYMMETRIC TRANSIENTS IN A ROD.Thambiratnam, David P. ; Thevendran, V. 
3-Jun-1992Simplified analysis of asymmetric buildings subjected to lateral loadsThambiratnam, D.P.; Thevendran, V. 
Jan-1993Stability of nonsymmetric cross-bracing systemsThevendran, V. ; Wang, C.M. 
1996Stability of orthogonally intersecting equal-leg angle cross-bracing systemsThevendran, V. ; Wang, C.M. 
1997Steel-concrete composite beams curved in planThevendran, V. ; Chen, S.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Liew, J.Y.R. 
2002Stress Intensity Factors for Doubler-Plate Reinforced ConnectionsChoo, Y.-S. ; Jiang, R.; Thevendran, V. 
Apr-2003Ultimate load behaviour of horizontally curved plate girdersShanmugam, N.E. ; Mahendrakumar, M.; Thevendran, V. 
8-May-1993Vibration Analysis of Annular Plates with Concentric Supports Using a Variant of Rayleigh-Ritz MethodWang, C.M. ; Thevendran, V.