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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986A numerical approach to the analysis of circular cylindrical water tanksThevendran, V. 
1988A two-dimensional heat transfer analysis of the thermal-trap collectorWijeysundera, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. 
3-Apr-1992Axisymmetric free vibration analysis of cylindrical shell structures using bef analogyThambiratnam, D.P.; Thevendran, V. 
1995Behaviour and design of horizontally curved steel beamsRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Thevendran, V. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Tan, L.O.
2004Behaviour of web panels in plate girders curved in planKumar, M.M.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. 
Jul-1996Buckling of annular plates elastically restrained against rotation along edgesThevendran, V. ; Wang, C.M. 
1987Buckling of braced monosymmetric cantileversWang, C.M. ; Kitipornchai, S.; Thevendran, V. 
1992Critical loads of thin-walled beams containing web openingsShanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. 
May-1999Design formula for axially compressed perforated platesShanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. ; Tan, Y.H.
1985DESIGN OF CYLINDRICAL SHELLS FOR STATIC AND DYNAMIC LOADS.Thambiratnam, David P. ; Thevendran, V. ; Chang, S.L.; Lee, S.L. 
1986Design of least weight cold-formed steel sectionsThevendran, V. ; Shanmugan, N.E. 
3-Sep-1993Design of reinforced concrete cylindrical water tanks for minimum material costTan, G.H. ; Thevendran, V. ; Das Gupta, N.C. ; Thambiratnam, D.P.
Dec-1984Dynamic programming in minimum-weight design of axisymmetric platesThevendran, V. 
Feb-1995Experimental study on steel beams curved in planShanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. ; Liew, J.Y.Richard ; Tan, L.O.
Jun-2000Experimental study on steel-concrete composite beams curved in planThevendran, V. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Chen, S.; Liew, J.Y.R. 
1997Experimental techniques to study the ultimate load behavior of beams curved in planThevendran, V. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Liew, J.Y. 
May-2002Finite element modelling of double skin composite slabsShanmugam, N.E. ; Kumar, G.; Thevendran, V. 
May-2002Finite element modelling of plate girders with web openingsShanmugam, N.E. ; Lian, V.T.; Thevendran, V. 
Sep-2002Finite-element analysis of steel-concrete composite plate girderBaskar, K.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. 
Apr-1998Flexural torsional behaviour of steel I-beams curved in planThevendran, V. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Liew, J.Y.Richard