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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Frequency of C3435T single nucleotide MDR1 genetic polymorphism in an Asian population: Phenotypic-genotypic correlatesBalram, C.; Sharma, A.; Sivathasan, C.; Lee, E.J.D. 
1994Frequency of mutant CYPIA1, NAT2 and GSTM1 alleles in a normal Chinese populationLee, E.J.D. ; Zhao, B.; Moochhala, S.M. ; Ngoi, S.S. 
1991Genetic polymorphisms in drug metabolism - its relevance to Asian populationsLee, E.J.D. 
2006Genetic polymorphisms in KCNQ1, HERG, KCNE1 and KCNE2 genes in the Chinese, Malay and Indian populations of SingaporeLee, E.J.D. ; Koo, S.H. ; Ho, W.F.
2009Genetic variability of RyR2 and CASQ2 genes in an Asian populationWong, C.H.; Koo, S.H. ; She, G.Q.; Lee, E.J.D. ; Chui, P.
2008Genetic variations of the ABCC2 gene in the Chinese, Malay, and Indian populations of SingaporeHo, W.F.; Koo, S.H. ; Yee, J.Y.; Lee, E.J.D. 
2009Genetic variations of the SLC22A4 gene in Chinese and Indian populations of SingaporeToh, D.S.L.; Koo, S.H. ; Limenta, L.M.G.; Yee, J.Y.; Lee, E.J.D. ; Murray, M.
2010Genetic variations of the SLC22A5 gene in the Chinese and Indian populations of SingaporeToh, D.S.L.; Yee, J.Y.; Koo, S.H. ; Murray, M.; Lee, E.J.D. 
2008Genetic variations of the SLCO1B1 gene in the Chinese, Malay and Indian populations of SingaporeHo, W.F.; Koo, S.H. ; Yee, J.Y.; Lee, E.J.D. 
2008Genetics of ion channels in sudden unexplained death syndrome: Moving beyond idiopathic reactions to personalized risk assessmentKoo, S.H. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Chui, P.
2010Genomic copy number variations in three southeast Asian populationsKu, C.-S. ; Sim, X. ; Ong, R.T.H.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Chia, K.-S. ; Salim, A. ; Pawitan, Y. ; Seielstad, M. ; Lee, E.J.D. 
2009Genomic imbalances in key ion channel genes and telomere shortening in sudden cardiac death victimsBanerjee, B. ; Peiris, D.N. ; Hande, M.P. ; Koo, S.H. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Chui, P.
1995Glutathione S transferase-θ (GSTT1) genetic polymorphism among Chinese, Malays and Indians in SingaporeLee, E.J.D. ; Wong, J.Y.Y.; Yeoh, P.N.; Gong, N.H.
2007Identification and functional analysis of variants in the human concentrative nucleoside transporter 2, hCNT2 (SLC28A2) in Chinese, Malays and IndiansLi, L. ; Koo, S.H. ; Chong, K.T.; Lee, E.J.D. ; Tan, C.M.F.
2009Identification of functional promoter haplotypes of human concentrative nucleoside transporter 2, hCNT2 (SLC28A2)Li, L. ; Koo, S.H. ; Hong, I.H.K.; Lee, E.J.D. 
1991Inhibition of drug metabolism in rat and human liver microsomes by FK 506 and cyclosporineMoochhala, S.M. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Earnest, L.; Wong, J.Y.Y.; Ngoi, S.S. 
2009Interethnic differences of PEPT2 (SLC15A2) polymorphism distribution and associations with cephalexin pharmacokinetics in healthy Asian subjectsLiu, R. ; Tang, A.M.Y.; Tan, Y.L. ; Limenta, L.M.G. ; Lee, E.J.D. 
2004MDR1, the blood-brain barrier transporter, is associated with Parkinson's disease in ethnic ChineseLee C.G. ; Tang K.; Cheung Y.B. ; Wong L.P.; Tan C.; Shen H.; Zhao Y.; Pavanni R. ; Lee E.J. ; Wong M.C. ; Chong S.S. ; Tan E.K. 
2007Multiplexed genotyping of ABC transporter polymorphisms with the Bioplex suspension arrayKoo, S.H. ; Chong, K.T. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Ong, T.C. ; Chew, F.T. ; Lee, C.G.L.
1999NAT2 slow acetylator genotype is associated with increased risk of lung cancer among non-smoking Chinese women in SingaporeZhao, B. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Teh, M.; Tan, W.-C. ; Poh, W.-T.; Eng, P.; Wang, Y.-T.; Seow, A.; Lee, H.-P.