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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Gender and influence across the globe: Cross-cultural gender differences in organizational upward influenceEylon, D.; Egri, C.P.; Ralston, D.A.; Casado, T.; Lee, C.H.; Danis, W.M.; De La Garza Carranza, M.T.; Castro, F.B.; Reynaud, E.; Dabic, M.; Richards, M.; Rossi, A.M.; Fu, P.; Li, Y.; Starkus, A.; Girson, I.; Ansari, M.A.; Hallinger, P.; Milton, L.; Kuo, C.M.H.; Chia, H.B. 
2005How do you climb the corporate ladder? A multi-regional analysis of the ethical preferences for influencing superiorsRalston, D.A.; Egri, C.P.; Naoumova, I.; Wangenheim, F.; Fu, P.P.; De La Garza Carranza, M.T.; Milton, L.; Casado, T.; Ramburuth, P.; Ansari, M.; Riddle, L.; Chia, H.B. ; Girson, I.; Richards, M.; Palmer, I.; Brock, D.M.; Butt, A.; Srinivasan, N.; Dabic, M.; Starkus, A.; Potocan, V.V.; Herrig, H.; Dalgic, T.; Vu Thanh, H.; Hallinger, P.; Castro, F.; Furrer, O.; Moon, Y.-L.; Kuo, C.; Molteni, M.; Pekerti, A.; Tang, M.; Wan, P.; Lenartowicz, T.; Rossi, A.M.; Maignan, I.; May, R.; Ledgerwood, D.; Weber, M.; Danis, W.; Wallace, A.
Jun-2005Justice perceptions and organizational attractiveness as a potential employerChia, Ho-Beng ; Chay, Yue-Wah ; Ng, Adrian Chuin-Li
Jun-2005Motivating knowledge sharingHo, Beng Chia ; Kamdar, Dishan ; Nosworthy, Glenn J. ; Yue, Wah Chay 
Jun-2005Perceived threats and challenges as mediators of goal orientation on process measures of outcomesChia, Ho Beng ; Ho, Kah-Hui
Jun-2013Perceptions of the ethicality of favors at work in Asia: An 11-society assessmentKaram, C.M.; Ralston, D.A.; Egri, C.P.; Butt, A.; Srinivasan, N.; Fu, P.P.; Lee, C.H.; Moon, Y.-L.; Li, Y.; Ansari, M.; Kuo, C.; Hung, V.T.; Pekerti, A.; Hallinger, P.; Fang, Y.; Chia, H.-B. 
Jun-2005Relinquishing the 'secret of fire' : the impact of incentives and self-monitoring on knowledge sharing in organizationsChia, Ho-Beng ; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Dishan Kamdar; Yue-Wah Chay 
Jun-2005Social influence process in organizational justice perceptions : the role of social tiesChia, Ho-Beng ; Fang, Ruolian 
Jun-2005Something in it for everyone : the neglected role of self-interest in organizational citizenship behaviorChia, Ho-Beng ; Dishan Kamdar; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay 
Feb-2001The culture of voice : exploring the relationship between employee voice and organizational cultureKowtha, N. Rao ; Landau, Jacqueline; Chia, Ho Beng 
Jul-1998The effects of learning versus proving goals on a new and complex taskChia, Ho Beng 
Jun-2005The effects of validity and difficulty information on the perceptions of procedural justic and the attactiveness of an organization as a potential employerChia, Ho Beng ; Chay, Yue-Wah ; Lai, Yen Yen
Jun-2005The impact of performance appraisal on knowledge sharing among employeesChia, Ho Beng ; Dishan A. Kamdar; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay
Jun-2005When the going gets tough : goals and goal orientation on returns, risk-taking and persistenceChia, Ho-Beng ; Glenn J. Nosworthy ; Yue-Wah Chay ; Siok-Khoong Teo; Winston Sire-Wee Seow
Jun-2005Workplace as communities : the role of social networks on who seeks, gives and accepts information on justic issuesChia, Ho Beng ; Foo, Maw-Der ; Fang, Ruolian