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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Kinetics and kinematics effects of variable stiffness shoe on lower extremityPark, S.-B.; Lee, T.-Y. ; Lee, K.-D.; Kim, D.-W.; Yoo, J.-H.; Kim, K.-H.
May-2012Limited forearm motion compensated by thoracohumeral kinematics when performing tasks requiring pronation and supinationPereira, B.P.; Thambyah, A.; Lee, T. 
2012Localized sclerotic bone response demonstrated reduced nanomechanical creep propertiesChen, X.; Goh, J.C.H. ; Teoh, S.H.; De, S.D.; Soong, R. ; Lee, T. 
May-2009Novel approach of predicting fracture load in the human proximal femur using non-invasive qct imaging techniqueLee, T. ; Pereira, B.P.; Chung, Y.-S.; Oh, H.J.; Choi, J.B.; Lim, D.; Shin, J.H.
Jan-2013Positive alterations of viscoelastic and geometric properties in ovariectomized rat femurs with concurrent administration of ibandronate and PTHYang, X.; Muthukumaran, P.; DasDe, S.; Teoh, S.H.; Choi, H.; Lim, S.-K.; Lee, T. 
Apr-2007Predicting failure load of the femur with simulated osteolytic defects using noninvasive imaging technique in a simplified load caseLee, T. 
26-Jun-2012Role of gastrocnemius-soleus muscle in forefoot force transmission at heel rise - A 3D finite element analysisChen, W.-M.; Park, J.; Park, S.-B.; Shim, V.P.W. ; Lee, T. 
5-Apr-2012The susceptibility of the femoral neck to fracture: An assessment incorporating the effects of age-remodeling and stress reductionLee, T. ; Rammohan, A.V.; Chan, A.; Beng Chye Tan, V. ; Das De, S.; Link, T.M.; Eckstein, F.; Schafer, B.W.
2011Three-dimensional finite element analysis of modified foot-supporting interface for unloading metatarsal headsChen, W.-M.; Shim, V.P.W. ; Park, S.B.; Lee, T.