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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A community based study of prostatic symptoms in SingaporeTan, H.Y.; Choo, W.C.; Archibald, C. ; Esuvaranathan, K. 
2007A meta-analysis of local anesthesia for transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy of the prostateTiong, H.Y.; Liew, L.C.H.; Consigliere, D.; Esuvaranathan, K. ; Samuel, M.
12-Jan-2017A murine orthotopic bladder tumor model and tumor detection systemTham S.M. ; Esuvaranathan K. ; Mahendran R. 
1992A study of 245 infected surgical wounds in SingaporeEsuvaranathan, K. ; Kuan, Y.F.; Kumarasinghe, G.; Bassett, D.C.J.; Rauff, A. 
1997Antiproliferative effect of EL-6 on transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. Insight into mechanisms of bacillus Calmette-Guerin immunotherapyAlexandroff, A.B.; Black, J.; Esuvaranathan, K. ; James, K.
1999Antitumour immunity of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin and interferon alpha in murine bladder cancerGan, Y.H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Khoo, H.E. ; Esuvaranathan, K. 
2009Autoimmune clinical manifestations following intravesical bacillus calmette-guérin and interferon alpha 2b immunotherapy for superficial bladder cancerVasdev, N.; Esuvaranathan, K. 
2009Debulking nephrectomy followed by a "watch and wait" approach in metastatic renal cell carcinomaWong, A.S.; Chuah, B.; Lim, R.; Chong, K.-T.; Heng, C.-T.; Toh, K.-L.; Tan, J.; Consigliere, D.T.; Esuvaranathan, K. 
1992Does transurethral laser ureterolithotripsy justify its cost?Esuvaranathan, K. ; Tan, E.C. ; Tan, P.K.; Tung, K.H. 
1999Editorial commentsEsuvaranathan, K. 
1999Effects of bacillus Calmette-Guerin and interferon α-2b on cytokine production in human bladder cancer cell linesZhang, Y.E. ; Khoo, H.E. ; Esuvaranathan, K. 
1997Effects of bacillus Calmette-Guerin and interferon-α-2b on human bladder cancer in vitroZhang, Y.; Khoo, H.E. ; Esuvaranathan, K. 
1999Evaluation of lymphocytic responses after treatment with bacillus Calmette-Guerin and interferon-α 2b for superficial bladder cancerGan, Y.-H. ; Mahendran, R. ; Lawrencia, C.; Esuvaranathan, K. ; James, K.
1995Interleukin-6 production by bladder tumors is upregulated by BCG immunotherapyEsuvaranathan, K. ; Alexandroff, A.B.; McIntyre, M.; Jackson, A.M.; Prescott, S.; Chisholm, G.D.; James, K.
2007Internalization of Mycobacterium bovis, Bacillus Calmette Guerin, by bladder cancer cells is cytotoxic.Pook, S.H. ; Rahmat, J.N.; Esuvaranathan, K. ; Mahendran, R. 
2004Monitoring the response of orthotopic bladder tumors to granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor therapy using the prostate-specific antigen gene as a reporterWu, Q. ; Esuvaranathan, K. ; Mahendran, R. 
2002N-acetylcysteine augments the cellular redox changes and cytotoxic activity of internalized mycobacterium bovis in human bladder cancer cellsPook, S.H. ; Esuvaranathan, K. ; Mahendran, R. 
2010New therapies for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancerChiong, E. ; Esuvaranathan, K. 
2004Non-viral tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene transfer decreases the incidence of orthotopic bladder tumors.Zang, Z. ; Mahendran, R. ; Wu, Q. ; Yong, T.; Esuvaranathan, K. 
2003Nonviral cytokine gene therapy on an orthotopic bladder cancer modelWu, Q. ; Mahendran, R. ; Esuvaranathan, K.