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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Oct-2013Effect of Ser392 phosphorylation on the structure and dynamics of the polybasic domain of ADP ribosylation factor nucleotide site opener protein: A molecular simulation studySrinivasaraghavan, K.; Nacro, K.; Grüber, G.; Verma, C.S. 
May-2012Erratum: Conformational dynamics of capping protein and interaction partners: Simulation studiesLukman, S.; Robinson, R.C.; Wales, D.; Verma, C.S. 
2015Exploring the interaction of SV2A with racetams using homology modelling, molecular dynamics and site-directed mutagenesisLee J.; Daniels V.; Sands Z.A.; Lebon F.; Shi J.; Biggin P.C.; Verma C. 
2015FoxO1 negatively regulates leptin-induced POMC transcription through its direct interaction with STAT3Ma, Wei; Fuentes, Gloria M.; Shi, Xiaohe; Verma, Chandra ; Radda, George K.; Han, Weiping
2016Functional characterization of p53 pathway components in the ancient metazoan Trichoplax adhaerensSiau, J.W; Coffill, C.R; Zhang, W.V; Tan, Y.S; Hundt, J; Lane, D ; Verma, C ; Ghadessy, F
2012Functional relevance of dynamic properties of Dimeric NADP-dependent Isocitrate Dehydrogenases.Vinekar, R; Verma, C. ; Ghosh, I.
May-2014Functionalised staple linkages for modulating the cellular activity of stapled peptidesLau, Y.H.; De Andrade, P.; Quah, S.-T.; Rossmann, M.; Laraia, L.; Sköld, N.; Sum, T.J.; Rowling, P.J.E.; Joseph, T.L.; Verma, C. ; Hyvönen, M.; Itzhaki, L.S.; Venkitaraman, A.R.; Brown, C.J.; Lane, D.P.; Spring, D.R.
Mar-2013Growth inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by sulfonylurea herbicidesKreisberg, J.F.; Ong, N.T.; Krishna, A.; Joseph, T.L.; Wang, J.; Ong, C.; Ooi, H.A.; Sung, J.C.; Siew, C.C.; Chang, G.C.; Biot, F.; Cuccui, J.; Wren, B.W.; Chan, J.; Sivalingam, S.P.; Zhang, L.-H.; Verma, C. ; Tan, P. 
4-Sep-2018Homologous Lympho-Epithelial Kazal-type Inhibitor Domains Delay Blood Coagulation by Inhibiting Factor X and XI with Differential SpecificityRamesh, Karthik ; Lama, Dilraj; Tan, Kang Wei ; Van, Sang Nguyen ; Chew, Fook Tim ; Verma, Chandra S ; Mok, Yu Keung 
2015How does a hydrocarbon staple affect peptide hydrophobicity?Sim A.Y.L.; Verma Chandra 
2017Hydration effects on the efficacy of the Epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitor afatinibKannan, S; Pradhan, M.R; Tiwari, G; Tan, W.-C; Chowbay, B ; Tan, E.H ; Tan, D.S.-W; Verma, C 
Aug-2013Identification of a second Nutlin-3 responsive interaction site in the N-terminal domain of MDM2 using hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometryHernychova, L.; Man, P.; Verma, C. ; Nicholson, J.; Sharma, C.-A.; Ruckova, E.; Teo, J.Y.; Ball, K.; Vojtesek, B.; Hupp, T.R.
19-Oct-2012Improved eIF4E Binding Peptides by Phage Display Guided Design: Plasticity of Interacting Surfaces Yield Collective EffectsZhou, W.; Quah, S.T.; Verma, C.S. ; Liu, Y.; Lane, D.P.; Brown, C.J.
30-Apr-2013In Vitro Selection of Mutant HDM2 Resistant to Nutlin InhibitionWei, S.J.; Joseph, T.; Sim, A.Y.L.; Yurlova, L.; Zolghadr, K.; Lane, D.; Verma, C. ; Ghadessy, F.
1-Apr-2020Increased Protein S-Glutathionylation in Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)Zhou, Lei ; Chan, James Chun Yip ; Chupin, Stephanie; Gueguen, Naig; Desquiret-Dumas, Valerie; Koh, Siew Kwan; Li, Jianguo ; Gao, Yan ; Deng, Lu; Verma, Chandra ; Beuerman, Roger W ; Chan, Eric Chun Yong ; Milea, Dan ; Reynier, Pascal
20-Nov-2013Inhibition of Nutlin-resistant HDM2 mutants by stapled peptidesWei, S.J.; Joseph, T.; Chee, S.; Li, L.; Yurlova, L.; Zolghadr, K.; Brown, C.; Lane, D.; Verma, C. ; Ghadessy, F.
7-May-2012Insight into the assembly properties and functional organisation of the magnetotactic bacterial actin-like homolog, MamKSonkaria, S.; Fuentes, G.; Verma, C. ; Narang, R.; Khare, V.; Fischer, A.; Faivre, D.
2018Large scale ab initio modeling of structurally uncharacterized antimicrobial peptides reveals known and novel foldsKozic, M; Fox, S.J; Thomas, J.M; Verma, C.S ; Rigden, D.J
2016Long range recognition and selection in IDPs: The interactions of the C-terminus of p53Kannan, S; Lane, D.P ; Verma, C.S 
2017Macrocyclized Extended Peptides: Inhibiting the Substrate-Recognition Domain of TankyraseXu, W; Lau, Y.H; Fischer, G; Tan, Y.S; Chattopadhyay, A; De La Roche, M; Hyvönen, M; Verma, C ; Spring, D.R; Itzhaki, L.S