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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2013Cross-linked polyelectrolyte multilayers for marine antifouling applicationsZhu, X.; Jańczewski, D.; Lee, S.S.C. ; Teo, S.L.-M. ; Vancso, G.J.
Sep-2012Functional polymer brushes via surface-initiated atom transfer radical graft polymerization for combating marine biofoulingYang, W.J.; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Lee, S.S.C. ; Teo, S.L.-M. ; Rittschof, D.
5-Aug-2018Larval development of the invasive charru mussel, Mytella strigata (Bivalvia: Mytilidae)Teresa S Tay ; Bin Qi Gan ; Serina Siew Chen Lee ; Chin Sing Lim ; Koh Siang Tan ; Serena Lay Ming Teo 
Apr-2014Loperamide-based compounds as additives for biofouling managementChai, C.L.L.; Teo, S.L.M. ; Jameson, F.K.M.; Lee, S.S.C. ; Likhitsup, A.; Chen, C.-L. ; Rittschof, D. 
Feb-2009Marine biofouling field tests, settlement assay and footprint micromorphology of cyprid larvae of Balanus amphitrite on model surfacesPhang, I.Y.; Chaw, K.C.; Choo, S.S.H.; Kang, R.K.C.; Lee, S.S.C. ; Birch, W.R.; Teo, S.L.M. ; Vancso, G.J.
12-Feb-2018Mytella strigata (Bivalvia: Mytilidae): an alien mussel recently introduced to Singapore and spreading rapidlyJia Yi Lim; Teresa S Tay ; Chin Sing Lim ; Serina Siew Chen Lee ; Serena Lay Ming Teo ; Koh Siang Tan 
2015Polyion multilayers with precise surface charge control for antifoulingZhu, Xiaoying; Ja?czewski, Dominik; Guo, Shifeng; Lee, Siew Chen Serina ; Parra-Velandia, Fernando Jose ; Teo, Lay Ming Serena ; He, Tao; Puniredd, Sreenivasa Reddy; Julius Vancs�, G.