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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Recursive neural network rule extraction for data with mixed attributesSetiono, R. ; Baesens, B.; Mues, C.
2006Risk management and regulatory compliance: A data mining framework based on neural network rule extractionSetiono, R. ; Mues, C.; Baesens, B.
2011Rule extraction from minimal neural networks for credit card screeningSetiono, R. ; Baesens, B.; Mues, C.
2012Rule Extraction from Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines for Credit ScoringSetiono, R. ; Baesens, B.; Martens, D.
2008Rule extraction from support vector machines: An overview of issues and application in credit scoringMartens, D.; Huysmans, J.; Setiono, R. ; Vanthienen, J.; Baesens, B.
2005Separating core and noncore knowledge: An application of neural network rule extraction to a cross-national study of brand image perceptionSetiono, R. ; Pan, S.L. ; Hsieh, M.-H.; Azcarraga, A.P.
2010Software effort prediction using regression rule extraction from neural networksSetiono, R. ; Dejaeger, K.; Verbeke, W.; Martens, D.; Baesens, B.
Oct-1998Some issues on scalable feature selectionLiu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
1993Some n-bit parity problems are solvable by feed-forward networks with less than n hidden unitsSetiono, Rudy ; Hui, Lucas Chi Kwong 
2010Special issue of IEEE transactions on neural networks: White box non-linear prediction modelsBart, B.; David, M.; Rudy, S. ; Jacek, Z.
2010Special issue of the IEEE transactions on neural networks: White box nonlinear prediction modelsBaesens, B.; Martens, D.; Setiono, R. ; Zurada, J.
2010Special issue on white box nonlinear prediction modelsBaesens, B.; Martens, D.; Setiono, R. ; Zurada, J.
Mar-1996Symbolic representation of neural networksSetiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
10-Sep-1998Symbolic rule extraction from neural networks An application to identifying organizations adopting ITSetiono, R. ; Thong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. 
2010Understanding consumer heterogeneity: A business intelligence application of neural networksHayashi, Y.; Hsieh, M.-H.; Setiono, R. 
Jan-1995Use of a quasi-Newton method in a feedforward neural network construction algorithmSetiono, Rudy ; Hui, Lucas Chi Kwong 
2003Using neural network rule extraction and decision tables for credit-risk evaluationBaesens, B.; Setiono, R. ; Mues, C.; Vanthienen, J.