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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Chi2: feature selection and discretization of numeric attributesLiu, Huan ; Setiono, Rudy 
2002Combining neural network predictions for medical diagnosisHayashi, Y.; Setiono, R. 
2004Computational intelligence methods for rule-based data understandingDuch, W.; Setiono, R. ; Zurada, J.M.
Feb-1996Dimensionality reduction via discretizationLiu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
2012Discrete variable generation for improved neural network classificationSetiono, R. ; Seret, A.
1996Effective data mining using neural networksLu, H. ; Setiono, R. ; Liu, H. 
2005Effective neural network pruning using cross-validationHuynh, T.Q.; Setiono, R. 
2002Effective query size estimation using neural networksLu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
1993Efficient neural network training algorithm for the Cray Y-MP supercomputerLeung, Chung Siu ; Setiono, Rudy 
1999Explanation of the 'virtual input' phenomenonLeow, W.K. ; Setiono, R. 
2000Extracting M-of-N rules from trained neural networksSetiono, R. 
1-Jan-1997Extracting rules from neural networks by pruning and hidden-unit splittingSetiono, R. 
Feb-1996Extracting rules from pruned neural networks for breast cancer diagnosisSetiono, R. 
2005Extracting salient dimensions for automatic SOM labelingAzcarraga, A.P.; Hsieh, M.-H.; Pan, S.L. ; Setiono, R. 
2002Extraction of rules from artificial neural networks for nonlinear regressionSetiono, R. ; Leow, W.K. ; Zurada, J.M.
1997Feature selection via discretizationLiu, H. ; Setiono, R. 
2001Feedforward neural network construction using cross validationSetiono, R. 
2000FERNN: an algorithm for fast extraction of rules from neural networksSetiono, R. ; Leow, W.K. 
1998Fragmentation problem and automated feature constructionSetiono, Rudy ; Liu, Huan 
2005From knowledge discovery to implementation: A business intelligence approach using neural network rule extraction and decision tablesMues, C.; Baesens, B.; Setiono, R. ; Vanthienen, J.