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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Effect of Tissue Fluids on Hydrophobicity and Adherence of Enterococcus faecalis to DentinGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
2006Enterococcus faecalis-mediated biomineralized biofilm formation on root canal dentine in vitroKishen, A. ; George, S.; Kumar, R.
2005Experimental investigation on the role of water in the mechanical behavior of structural dentineKishen, A. ; Asundi, A.
2006Fiber Optic spectrophotometry to monitor early enamel remineralization and remineralization in vitroKishen, A. 
Oct-2007Hydromechanics in dentine: Role of dentinal tubules and hydrostatic pressure on mechanical stress-strain distributionKishen, A. ; Vedantam, S. 
2009Influence of bacterial interactions on the susceptibility to photodynamic inactivationUpadya, M.H.; Tegos, G.; Hamblin, M.; Kishen, A. 
2008Influence of endodontic chemical treatment on Enterococcus faecalis adherence to collagen studied with laser scanning confocal microscopy and optical tweezers: A preliminary studySum, C.; Mohanty, S.; Gupta, P.K.; Kishen, A. 
Jul-2008Influence of Irrigation Regimens on the Adherence of Enterococcus faecalis to Root Canal DentinKishen, A. ; Sum, C.-P.; Mathew, S.; Lim, C.-T. 
May-2008Influence of photosensitizer solvent on the mechanisms of photoactivated killing of Enterococcus faecalisGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
2006Investigations on the dynamics of water in structural dentineRnfique, A.; Kishen, A. 
2006Investigations on the dynamics of water in the macrostructural dentineKishen, A. ; Rafique, A.
2007Laser scanning confocal microscopy and laser tweezers based experiments to understand dentine-bacteria interactionsSum, C.; Mohanty, S.; Gupta, P.K.; Kishen, A. 
2009Light activated disinfection: An alternative endodontic disinfection strategyLim, Z.; Cheng, J.L.; Lim, T.W.; Teo, E.G.; Wong, J.; George, S.; Kishen, A. 
2005Microscopic characterization of bacteria-hard tissue interactionsGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
2005Moiré interferometric investigation on the role of hydration in the mechanical behavior of dentineKishen, A. ; Asundi, A.
Dec-2008Monitoring acid-demineralization of human dentine by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)Xu, Z.; Neoh, K.G. ; Kishen, A. 
2007Optical sensor based system to monitor caries activityShrestha, A.; Tahir, R.; Kishen, A. 
2004Optical techniques to understand bio-functional adaptation in human dentineKishen, A. ; Asundi, A.
2007Optimization of an advanced non-invasive light activated disinfection strategyGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
2005Periapical biomechanics and the role of cyclic biting force in apical retrograde fluid movementKishen, A.