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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Optimization of an advanced non-invasive light activated disinfection strategyGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
2005Periapical biomechanics and the role of cyclic biting force in apical retrograde fluid movementKishen, A. 
2005Photomechanical investigations on the stress-strain relationship in dentine macrostructureKishen, A. ; Asundi, A.
May-2005Photomechanical investigations on the stress-strain relationship in dentine macrostructure.Kishen, A. ; Asundi, A. 
2005Photomechanical studies on Non-Carious-Cervical-Lesions of the teethKishen, A. ; Tan, K.B.C. ; Asundi, A.
2007Photophysical, photochemical, and photobiological characterization of methylene blue formulations for light-activated root canal disinfectionGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. 
19-Nov-2009Photosensitising Composition and Uses ThereofKISHEN, ANIL ; GEORGE, SAJI ; NEO, CHIEW LIAN JENNIFER ; SONG, KEANG-PENG 
2008Quenching of fluorescence by crystal violet and its use to differentiate between surface-bound and internalized bacteriaMathew, S.; Lim, Y.C.; Kishen, A. 
2007Spectroscopic study of demineralization and restoration processes in dental enamelSokolova, T.N.; Surmenko, E.L.; Tuchin, V.V.; Kishen, A. ; Chebotarevsky, Yu.V.
2004Stress-strain response in human dentine: Rethinking fracture predilection in postcore restored teethKishen, A. ; Kumar, G.V. ; Chen, N.-N.
2005The role of environmental changes on monospecies biofilm formation on root canal wall by Enterococcus faecalisGeorge, S.; Kishen, A. ; Song, K.P.
2006Tooth structural health monitoring with a fiber optic microbend sensorKishen, A. ; Rafique, A.
2007Uptake of photosensitizers by bacteria is influenced by the presence of cationsKishen, A. ; George, S.
2009Uptake pathways of anionic and cationic photosensitizers into bacteriaGeorge, S.; Hamblin, M.R.; Kishen, A. 
2005What we leave behind in root canals after endodontic treatment: Some issues and concernsSum Dr., C.P.; Neo, J. ; Kishen, A.