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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Fast centroidal Voronoi Delaunay triangulation for unstructured mesh generationWang Bo ; Khoo Boo Cheong ; Xie Z.Q.; Tan Zhijun
15-Dec-2013Finite element analysis of nonlinear wave resonance by multiple cylinders in vertical motionsWang, C.Z. ; Meng, Q.C.; Huang, H.C.; Khoo, B.C. 
Jul-2013Finite element analysis of second order wave radiation by a group of cylinders in the time domainWang, C.-Z. ; Mitra, S. ; Huang, H.-C.; Khoo, B.-C. 
Feb-2005Finite element analysis of two-dimensional nonlinear sloshing problems in random excitationsWang, C.Z. ; Khoo, B.C. 
Oct-2006Flow around spheres by dissipative particle dynamicsChen, S.; Phan-Thien, N. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Fan, X.J.
Aug-2010Flow past superhydrophobic surfaces containing longitudinal grooves: Effects of interface curvatureTeo, C.J. ; Khoo, B.C. 
Dec-2013Force analysis of underwater object with supercavitation evolutionKhoo, B.C. ; Zheng, J.G. 
May-2011Fully nonlinear simulation of resonant motion of liquid confined between floating structuresWang, C.Z. ; Wu, G.X.; Khoo, B.C. 
Jan-2010Geometric criterion for RR↔MR transition in hypersonic double-wedge flowsHu, Z.M. ; Gao, Y.L.; Myong, R.S.; Dou, H.S. ; Khoo, B.C. 
20-Dec-2005Ghost fluid method applied to compressible multi-phase flowsLiu, T.G.; Xie, W.F.; Khoo, B.C. 
20-Sep-2003Ghost fluid method for strong shock impacting on material interfaceLiu, T.G.; Khoo, B.C. ; Yeo, K.S. 
1994Global method for solving incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in the general coordinate systemShu, C. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Yeo, K.S. 
2013Heat transfer and flow structure in turbulent channel flow over protrusionsChen, Yu.; Chew, Y.T. ; Khoo, B.C. 
2012Heat transfer in turbulent channel flow over protrusionsChen, Y.; Chew, Y.T. ; Khoo, B.C. 
17-Jan-2012High-speed jetting and spray formation from bubble collapseKarri, B.; Avila, S.R.G.; Loke, Y.C.; O'Shea, S.J.; Klaseboer, E.; Khoo, B.C. ; Ohl, C.-D.
5-Aug-2013Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method (HDG) for Stokes interface flowWang, B.; Khoo, B.C. 
12-Sep-2019Hydrodynamic loads and wake dynamics of ducted propeller in oblique flow conditionsChun-yu GUO; Jie GONG; Nhan Phan-Thien ; Boo Cheong Khoo 
8-Jun-2012Immersed smoothed finite element method for two dimensional fluid-structure interaction problemsZhang, Z.-Q. ; Liu, G.R.; Khoo, B.C. 
12-Aug-2010Improved isotherm data for adsorption of methane on activated carbonsLoh, W.S. ; Rahman, K.A.; Chakraborty, A.; Saha, B.B.; Choo, Y.S. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Ng, K.C. 
Oct-2006Incipient separation in shock wave/boundary layer interactions as induced by sharp finDou, H.-S. ; Khoo, B.C. ; Yeo, K.S.