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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008CODES: An integrated approach to composable modeling and simulationTeo, Y.M. ; Szabo, C.
2008Collision avoidance in hierarchical peer-to-peer systemsTeo, Y.M. ; Mihailescu, M. 
2005Collision detection and resolution in hierarchical peer-to-peer systemsMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. ; Lim, H.B.; Eriksson, P.; Ayani, R.
2001Comparison of load balancing strategies on cluster-based web serversTeo, Y.M. ; Ayani, R.
2008Corrigendum to "Message and time efficient consensus protocols for synchronous distributed systems" [J. Parallel Distrib. Comput. 68 (2008) 641-654] (DOI:10.1016/j.jpdc.2007.08.008)Wang, X.; Teo, Y.M. ; Cao, J.
1997Deriving efficient parallel programs for complex recurrencesChin, W.N. ; Tan, S.H. ; Teo, Y.M. 
2007DGRID: A DHT-based resource indexing and discovery scheme for computational gridsMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. ; Wang, X. 
2010Dynamic resource pricing on federated cloudsMihailescu, M. ; Teo, Y.M. 
2001Effect of event orderings on memory requirement in parallel simulationTeo, Y.M. ; Onggo, B.S.S. ; Tay, S.C. 
1994Efficient algorithms for conservative parallel simulation of interconnection networksTeo, Yong Meng ; Tay, Seng Chuan 
1995Empirical study of parallelism throttling schemes on a massively parallel systemTeo, Y.M. ; Yan, J.C.
1995Experiences in simulating a declarative multiprocessorTan, Gary S.H. ; Teo, Y.M. 
1994Expert system for performance evaluation of Unix-based computer systemsTeo, Yong Meng 
2004Formalization and strictness of simulation event orderingsTeo, Y.M. ; Onggo, B.S.S. 
2013Formalization of emergence in multi-agent systemsTeo, Y.M. ; Luong, B.L.; Szabo, C.
1999Framework for analyzing parallel simulation performanceTeo, Yong-Meng ; Wang, Hong; Tay, Seng-Chuan 
2005GLAD: A system for developing and deploying large-scale bioinformatics gridTeo, Y.-M. ; Wang, X. ; Ng, Y.-K.
2009Global data computation in chordal ringsWang, X.; Teo, Y.M. 
2009Hierarchical structured peer-to-peer networksTeo, Y.M. ; March, V.; Mihailescu, M. 
2010Improving peer-to-peer file distribution: Winner doesn't have to take allLeong, B. ; Wang, Y. ; Wen, S. ; Carbunaru, C.; Teo, Y.M. ; Chang, C.; Ho, T.