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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Discrete-time switched linear system with constraints: Characterization and computation of invariant sets under dwell-time considerationDehghan, M.; Ong, C.-J. ; Chen, P.C.Y. 
2003Dynamical scheduling of digital control systemsLin, Q.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Neow, P.A. 
2004Enhanced supervisory control system design of an unmanned ground vehicleFeng, X. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Poo, A.N. ; Guzmán, J.I.; Chan, C.W.
2011Enlarging domain of attraction of switched linear systems in the presence of saturation nonlinearityDehghan, M.; Ong, C.-J. ; Chen, P.C.Y. 
2009Evaluation of wire bond integrity through force detected wire vibration analysisLuo, H.; Lu, Z.; Nam, J.H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lin, W.
Jul-2005Focal length calibration from two views: Method and analysis of singular casesSturm, P.; Cheng, Z.L.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Poo, A.N. 
2010Force control for mechanoinduction of impedance variation in cellular organismsNam, J.H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lu, Z.; Luo, H.; Ge, R. ; Lin, W.
Nov-2006Force sensing and control in micromanipulationLu, Z. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lin, W.
2011Formation and zoning control of multi-robot systemsChen, P.C.Y. ; Wan, J.; Poo, A.N. ; Ge, S.S. 
2014Forward kinematics analysis and experimental validation of a four-cable-driven under-constrained parallel mechanismZhu, Z.-C.; Chen, P.C. ; Shao, X.-G.; Wang, Q.-G. ; Chen, G.-A.
2002Implementation of Logical Control for a Robotic WorkcellHo, E.H.L.; Chen, P.C.Y. 
2009Induction of variation in impedance of zebrafish embryos by explicit force feedback controlNam, J.H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lu, Z.; Luo, H.; Ge, R. ; Lin, W.
2010Mechanoinduction of reduction in the stiffness of zebrafish chorionNam, J.H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lu, Z.; Luo, H.; Ge, R. ; Lin, W.
Jul-2006Microforce sensing for coarse alignment in active fiber pigtailingLu, Z. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Luo, H.; Lin, W.
26-Mar-2009Models of maximum stress and strain of zebrafish embryos under indentationLu, Z. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Luo, H.; Nam, J.; Ge, R. ; Lin, W.
Oct-2012Non-smooth dynamical analysis and experimental validation of the cable-suspended parallel manipulatorShao, X.-G.; Zhu, Z.-C.; Wang, Q.-G. ; Chen, P.C. ; Zi, B.; Cao, G.-H.
Jul-2005Optimization of Hamiltonian algorithm for fiber alignment by simulation and experimentsLu, Z. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lin, W.
2005Probabilistic control of gene networksChen, P.C.Y. ; Chen, J.W.
7-Jan-2014Quantification of magnetically induced changes in ECM local apparent stiffnessHerath, S.C.B.; Yue, D.; Hui, S.; Kim, M.-C.; Wang, D.-A.; Wang, Q. ; Van Vliet, K.J.; Asada, H.; Chen, P.C.Y. 
Oct-2012Real-time control of a microfluidic channel for size-independent deformability cytometryGuan, G.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Peng, W.K.; Bhagat, A.A.; Ong, C.J. ; Han, J.