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1998A class of m-dilation scaling functions with regularity growing proportionally to filter support widthShi, X.; Sun, Q. 
2000Algorithm for the construction of symmetric and anti-symmetric M-band waveletsSun, Qiyu 
2000Asymptotic regularity of daubechies' scaling functionsLau, K.A.-S.; Sun, Q. 
2001Compactly Supported Distributional Solutions of Nonstationary Nonhomogeneous Refinement EquationsSun, Q.Y. 
1999Compactly Supported Refinable Distributions in Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces and Besov SpacesMa, B.; Sun, Q. 
Feb-2003Compactly supported tight affine frames with integer dilations and maximum vanishing momentsChui, C.K.; He, W.; Stöckler, J.; Sun, Q. 
1999Construction of compactly supported M-band waveletsBi, N.; Dai, X.; Sun, Q. 
2003Convergence of cascade algorithms and smoothness of refinable distributionsSun, Q. 
Apr-2006Eigenvalues of scaling operators and a characterization of B-splinesGAO XIAOJIE ; Lee, S.L. ; Sun, Q. 
1-Jan-2002Local polynomial property and linear independence of refinable distributionsDai, X.; Huang, D.; Sun, Q. 
1999Sobolev exponent estimate and asymptotic regularity of the M-band Daubechies' scaling functionsQiyu, S. 
1-Sep-2001Stability of the shifts of global supported distributionsSun, Q. 
May-2003Tight frame oversampling and its equivalence to shift-invariance of affine frame operatorsChui, C.K.; Sun, Q.