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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2011Electrical measurement of non-destructively p-type doped graphene using molybdenum trioxideXie, L.; Wang, X.; Mao, H. ; Wang, R.; Ding, M.; Wang, Y. ; Zyilmaz, B. ; Ping Loh, K. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Ariando ; Chen, W. 
19Electrical properties and subband occupancy at the (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O-3/SrTiO3 interfaceHan, K. ; Huang, Z. ; Zeng, S. W. ; Yang, M.; Li, C. J. ; Zhou, W. X. ; Wang, X. Renshaw; Venkatesan, T. ; Coey, J. M. D. ; Goiran, M.; Escoffier, W.; Ariando A. 
19Electron transport and visible light absorption in a plasmonic photocatalyst based on strontium niobateWan, D. Y. ; Zhao, Y. L. ; Cai, Y.; Asmara, T. C. ; Huang, Z. ; Chen, J. Q. ; Hong, J.; Yin, S. M.|}Nelson, C. T.; Motapothula, M. R. ; Yan, B. X.; Xiang, D. ; Chi, X. ; Zheng, H.; Chen, W. ; Xu, R.; Ariando A. ; Rusydi, A. ; Minor, A. M.; Breese, M. B. H. ; Sherburne, M.; Asta, M.; Xu, Q. -H. ; Venkatesan, T. 
27-Aug-2012Electronic correlation and strain effects at the interfaces between polar and nonpolar complex oxidesAnnadi, A.; Putra, A. ; Liu, Z.Q.; Wang, X.; Gopinadhan, K. ; Huang, Z.; Dhar, S. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Ariando 
2011Electronic phase separation at the LaAlO/SrTiO interface.Ariando ; Wang, X.; Baskaran, G.; Liu, Z.Q.; Huijben, J.; Yi, J.B.; Annadi, A.; Barman, A.R.; Rusydi, A.; Dhar, S.; Feng, Y.P.; Ding, J.; Hilgenkamp, H.; Venkatesan, T.
2011Electronic phase separation at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaceAriando ; Wang, X.; Baskaran, G.; Liu, Z.Q.; Huijben, J.; Yi, J.B. ; Annadi, A.; Barman, A.R.; Rusydi, A. ; Dhar, S. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Ding, J. ; Hilgenkamp, H.; Venkatesan, T. 
25-Apr-2016Electrostatic tuning of magnetism at the conducting (111) (La0.3Sr0.7)(Al0.65Ta0.35)/SrTiO3 interfaceBal, V. V.; Huang, Z. ; Han, K. ; Ariando A. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Chandrasekhar, V.
25-Apr-2015Emergent nanoscale superparamagnetism at oxide interfacesAnahory, Y.; Embon, L.; Li, C. J. ; Banerjee, S.; Meltzer, A.; Naren, H. R.; Yakovenko, A.; Cuppens, J.; Myasoedov, Y.; Rappaport, M. L.; Huber, M. E.; Michaeli, K.; Venkatesan, T. ; Ariando A. ; Zeldov, E.
19-Dec-2019Enhanced Magnetic Anisotropy and Orbital Symmetry Breaking in Manganite HeterostructuresChen, Pingfan ; Huang, Zhen ; Li, Mengsha; Yu, Xiaojiang ; Wu, Xiaohan; Li, Changjian ; Bao, Nina ; Zeng, Shengwei ; Yang, Ping ; Qu, Lili; Chen, Jingsheng ; Ding, Jun ; Pennycook, Stephen John ; Wu, Wenbin; Venkatesan, Thirumalai Venky ; Ariando, A. ; Chow, Gan Moog 
3-Dec-2012Evolution of variable range hopping in strongly localized two dimensional electron gas at NdAlO3/SrTiO3 (100) heterointerfacesAnnadi, A.; Putra, A. ; Srivastava, A.; Wang, X.; Huang, Z.; Liu, Z.Q.; Venkatesan, T. ; Ariando 
2015Fabrication of wheat grain textured TiO2/CuO composite nanofibers for enhanced solar H2 generation and degradation performanceSharma P.; Ryu S.; Burton J.D.; Paudel T.R.; Bark C.W.; Huang Z. ; Ariando ; Tsymbal E.Y.; Catalan G.; Eom C.B.; Gruverman A.
1-Feb-2019Ferromagnet/Two-Dimensional Semiconducting Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Interface with Perpendicular Magnetic AnisotropyZhang, Wen ; Wong, Ping Kwan Johnny ; Zhou, Xiaochao; Rath, Ashutosh ; Huang, Zhaocong; Wang, Hongyu ; Morton, Simon A; Yuan, Jiaren; Zhang, Lei ; Chua, Rebekah ; Zeng, Shengwei ; Liu, Er; Xu, Feng; Ariando ; Chua, Daniel HC ; Feng, Yuan Ping ; van der Laan, Gerrit; Pennycook, Stephen J ; Zhai, Ya; Wee, Andrew TS 
14-May-2013Fourfold oscillation in anisotropic magnetoresistance and planar Hall effect at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterointerfaces: Effect of carrier confinement and electric field on magnetic interactionsAnnadi, A.; Huang, Z.; Gopinadhan, K. ; Wang, X.R.; Srivastava, A.; Liu, Z.Q.; Ma, H.H.; Sarkar, T.P.; Venkatesan, T. ; Ariando 
20-Apr-2017Giant crystalline anisotropic magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic perovskite oxide heterostructuresMa, H. J. Harsan; Zhou, J. ; Yang, M.; Liu, Y.; Zeng, S. W. ; Zhou, W. X.; Zhang, L. C.; Venkatesan, T. ; Feng, Y. P. ; Ariando 
2011Graphene on β-Si 3N 4: An ideal system for graphene-based electronicsYang, M. ; Zhang, C. ; Wang, S.; Feng, Y. ; Ariando 
7-Aug-2009Imaging of order parameter induced π phase shifts in cuprate superconductors by low-temperature scanning electron microscopyGürlich, C.; Goldobin, E.; Straub, R.; Doenitz, D.; Ariando ; Smilde, H.-J.H.; Hilgenkamp, H.; Kleiner, R.; Koelle, D.
21-Aug-2018Interface Engineering and Emergent Phenomena in Oxide HeterostructuresHuang, Zhen ; Ariando ; Wang, Xiao Renshaw; Rusydi, Andrivo ; Chen, Jingsheng ; Yang, Hyunsoo ; Venkatesan, Thirumalai 
2012Interplay between carrier and cationic defect concentration in ferromagnetism of anatase Ti1-xTaxO2 thin filmsRoy Barman, A.; Annadi, A.; Gopinadhan, K. ; Lú, W.M.; Ariando ; Dhar, S. ; Venkatesan, T. 
Nov-2017Large polaron evolution in anatase TiO2 due to carrier and temperature dependence of electron-phonon couplingYan, BX; Wan, DY ; Chi, X; Li, CJ ; Motapothula, MR ; Hooda, S; Yang, P ; Huang, Z; Zeng, SW; Gadekar, A ; Pennycook, SJ ; Rusydi, A ; Ariando ; Martin, J ; Venkatesan, T 
29-Oct-2012Large room-temperature quantum linear magnetoresistance in multilayered epitaxial graphene: Evidence for two-dimensional magnetotransportSevak Singh, R.; Wang, X.; Chen, W. ; Ariando ; Wee, A.T.S.