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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2007Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity in 1D nonlinear latticesLi, N. ; Li, B. 
3-Aug-2011The phonon Hall effect: Theory and applicationZhang, L. ; Ren, J.; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
8-Jul-2013Theoretical realization of an ultra-efficient thermal-energy harvesting cell made of natural materialsHan, Tiancheng; Zhao, Jiajun; Yuan, Tao; Lei, Dang Yuan; Li, Baowen ; Qiu, Cheng-Wei 
1-May-2009Thermal conductance of graphene and dimeriteJiang, J.-W. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
Feb-2005Thermal conduction of carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamicsYao, Z. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. ; Liu, G.-R. 
2012Thermal conductivities of one-dimensional anharmonic/nonlinear lattices: Renormalized phonons and effective phonon theoryLi, N.; Li, B. 
1-Jun-2011Thermal conductivity and thermal rectification in unzipped carbon nanotubesNi, X.; Zhang, G.; Li, B. 
10-Sep-2008Thermal conductivity of composites with nanoscale inclusions and size-dependent percolationLiang, L.H. ; Wei, Y.G.; Li, B. 
15-Sep-2005Thermal conductivity of nanotubes revisited: Effects of chirality, isotope impurity, tube length, and temperatureZhang, G. ; Li, B. 
Apr-2009Thermal conductivity of one-dimensional lattices with self-consistent heat baths: A heuristic derivationLi, N. ; Li, B. 
15-Sep-2012Thermal contact resistance across nanoscale silicon dioxide and silicon interfaceChen, J.; Zhang, G.; Li, B. 
Nov-2010Thermal contraction in silicon nanowires at low temperaturesJiang, J.-W. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
17-Jun-2011Thermal diode from two-dimensional asymmetrical Ising latticesWang, L. ; Li, B. 
29-Oct-2004Thermal diode: Rectification of heat fluxLi, B. ; Wang, L. ; Casati, G. 
30-Nov-2009Thermal expansion in single-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene: Nonequilibrium Green's function approachJiang, J.-W. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
24-Oct-2007Thermal logic gates: Computation with phononsWang, L. ; Li, B. 
22-Dec-2008Thermal memory: A storage of phononic informationWang, L. ; Li, B. 
24-Jul-2007Thermal rectification and negative differential thermal resistance in lattices with mass gradientYang, N. ; Li, N. ; Wang, L. ; Li, B. 
2008Thermal rectification at silicon-amorphous polyethylene interfaceHu, M.; Keblinski, P.; Li, B. 
2009Thermal rectification in asymmetric graphene ribbonsYang, N. ; Zhang, G.; Li, B.