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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Apr-2013Scaling of temperature-dependent thermal conductivities for one-dimensional nonlinear latticesLi, N.; Li, B. 
18-Apr-2008Self-affine fractals embedded in spectra of complex networksYang, H. ; Yin, C. ; Zhu, G. ; Li, B. 
6-Aug-2009Shuttling heat across one-dimensional homogenous nonlinear lattices with a Brownian heat motorLi, N.; Zhan, F.; Hänggi, P. ; Li, B. 
2011Simulating EGFR-ERK signaling control by scaffold proteins KSR and MP1 reveals differential Ligand-Sensitivity Co-Regulated by CBL-CIN85 and EndophilinHuang, L.; Pan, C.Q. ; Li, B. ; Tucker-Kellogg, L. ; Tidor, B.; Chen, Y. ; Low, B.C. 
2009Simulation of crosstalk between small GTPase RhoA and EGFR-ERK signaling pathway via MEKK1Li, H. ; Ung, C.Y. ; Ma, X.H. ; Li, B.W. ; Low, B.C. ; Cao, Z.W.; Chen, Y.Z. 
25-Jun-2008Simulation of the regulation of EGFR endocytosis and EGFR-ERK signaling by endophilin-mediated RhoA-EGFR crosstalkUng, C.Y. ; Li, H. ; Ma, X.H. ; Jia, J.; Li, B.W. ; Low, B.C. ; Chen, Y.Z. 
2009Size dependent thermoelectric properties of silicon nanowiresShi, L.; Yao, D.; Zhang, G.; Li, B. 
25-Aug-2005Size-dependent formation enthalpy of nanocompoundsLiang, L.H. ; Yang, G.W.; Li, B. 
2008Size-dependent interface phonon transmission and thermal conductivity of nanolaminatesLiang, L.H. ; Wei, Y.G.; Li, B. 
30-Sep-2007Size-dependent melting temperature and thermal conductivity of nanoscale semiconductorsLiang, L.H. ; Li, B. 
2006Size-dependent thermal conductivity of nanoscale semiconducting systemsLiang, L.H. ; Li, B. 
Aug-2012Spectral analysis of gene co-expression network of ZebrafishJalan, S.; Ung, C.Y. ; Bhojwani, J.; Li, B. ; Zhang, L. ; Lan, S.H.; Gong, Z. 
18-Oct-2011Spectral properties of directed random networks with modular structureJalan, S. ; Zhu, G. ; Li, B. 
30-May-2008Stability of Fock states in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate with a regular classical counterpartWang, W.-G. ; Liu, J.; Li, B. 
2007Stability of quantum motion in regular systems: A uniform semiclassical approachWang, W.-G. ; Casati, G. ; Li, B. 
30-Sep-2007Stability of quantum motion: A semiclassical approachWang, W.-G. ; Li, B. 
Feb-2004Stability of quantum motion: Beyond Fermi-golden-rule and Lyapunov decayWang, W.-G. ; Casati, G. ; Li, B. 
30-Mar-2009Steering bose-einstein condensates despite time symmetryPoletti, D.; Benenti, G.; Casati, G.; Hänggi, P. ; Li, B. 
21-Jan-2013Substrate coupling suppresses size dependence of thermal conductivity in supported grapheneChen, J.; Zhang, G.; Li, B. 
26-Jul-2007Superlens from metal-dielectric composites of nonspherical particlesShi, L.; GAO LEI ; He, S.; Li, B.